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IN THE KITCHEN: celery • root

Celery ROOT otherwise known as celeriac. It’s the unsung hero that gets no fame as it’s “older brother” – celery STALK claims the fame. No more hiding Mr. Celery root, it’s time to trumpet your benefits from the hilltops. Between it’s digestive and adrenal supporting love, celeriac deserves a spot in your refrigerator and plate. […]

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WHAT IT MEANS AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT… “I fall asleep just fine. But I seem to wake up between 2-4 am and I’m WIDE awake.”  Does this sound familiar? You are not alone. This is one of the most common complaints I receive from my clients.  In working predominately with 40-65 year old women, seeking […]

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IN THE KITCHEN: m i l k • t h i s t l e

Milk thistle. Sounds scary right? I mean thistles are the “weeds” you avoid in the woods. Before you brush this thistle off, take a moment to reconsider MILK thistle as it has potent therapeutic properties particularly with the liver and as you’ll recall from your highschool biology class, the liver is our main filtration organ […]

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WELCOME TO THE SIMPLY NOURISHED “KITCHEN”     What’s on the menu today? Oh that’s right! SKIN CARE. You heard me. Forget the lotions and potions… that GORGEOUS skin you crave comes from within. From dull, dry skin to preventing those darn fine lines and wrinkles, what you put IN your body can have as […]

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At long last the pendulum has swung away from the fear of fat with the help of robust literature to propel it’s direction. However, as nutrition advice shifts, the details are not always clear. Where is the active woman’s roadmap for fat? Quality standards are easy to find but timing and amount?  Not so easy to […]

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