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FOOD IS MEDICINE: purple cabbage

In order to properly introduce you to my good friend… the purple cabbage, I want to take you on the journey from farm to plate. THE JOURNEY OF RED CABBAGE FARM This just in, cabbages are apparently NOT the source of children. They are however the source of many vitamins and other digestion boosting properties, straight […]

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Hormones have us wrapped around their little fingers as they communicate with each other thousands of times per second and their messages coordinate exactly how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Having spent YEARS pining after answers about hormone balance and being told that everything was “normal,” I’m here to tell you that pain, anxiety, […]

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HISTORY + WHY WE LOVE IT Bee pollen consists of small, golden granules that are sweet in taste. It is collected from bees while gathering nectar for honey, and is packed within the hive to be used as food for young bees. Used by humans for its health benefits for hundreds of years,  it was considered […]

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If you’re reading this and reaching for your cup o’ joe to retain your focus + keep your eyes open,  don’t worry! You’re not alone. In fact, you’re one of the  35% of Americans have reported having low energy on a daily basis and one of the 73% who rely on caffeine for daily “survival.” Now don’t […]

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NEWS FLASH: beauty confidential

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated but it seems to have gotten to be in this day and age when there are dozens of remedies for one issue. It’s as though you have to put on blinders every time you walk into the cosmetic isle to retain your sanity! Click the video below to learn […]

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