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BREAKING THE CYCLE OF BLAH: Option C! [ Intermittent fasting with Ellie]

INTRO:  Having worked with 100s of [busy SUPER]women around the country, the most common misconception is that I religiously practice EVERYTHING I teach. Well here’s the deal- I don’t. But it’s not because I don’t believe in what I teach. Some days, in spite of my best intentions, when I come home from meal planning for everyone […]

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BREAKING THE CYCLE OF BLAH: OPTION B! [naked food with Kerri]

OK kids, it’s time to talk about unpackaged carbs. Here’s the thing about packages— opening them is very satisfying. Wanting a snack and having a tidy package right there with a ready-made snack inside is extremely convenient and delicious. We used to have a cat that would come running when he heard the rustling of […]

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Seeing as we are knee deep into the Holiday Season it’s high time to sleuth out sources of sugar to maintain our sanity.  One of the sneakiest of sources are holiday cocktails. But don’t quit cocktails just yet. Instead, UPGRADE them…. It IS possible to have your drink and gleefully sip it too when you learn […]

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Hormones have us wrapped around their little fingers as they communicate with each other thousands of times per second and their messages coordinate exactly how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Having spent YEARS pining after answers about hormone balance and being told that everything was “normal,” I’m here to tell you that pain, anxiety, […]

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Ellie Kempton, MSN RD explains how important flax seeds are for health and wellness as well as a variety of recipes that allow you to use them in the kitchen with ease and simplicity.

COOKBOOK: flax seed recipes

FEAST ON FLAX SEEDS By now you already know I have a thing for Flax Seeds. FIRST, we explored why we love them and how to select, store and savor these little fiber-ful friends. However, the flax seed train doesn’t stop there. Besides their capacity to boost fiber intake, flax also hosts some invaluable oils that have been […]

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