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Mindfulness has been getting a lot of hype from media headlines and wellness blogs as one of the top ways to improve just about everything in your life. From reducing stress to improving your health, it seems that just about everyone is touting the benefits of a mindfulness- and for good reason. In conjunction with […]

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Juice cleanses… Like many “fad diets” and other trends in the nutrition world, its usefulness and efficacy are highly debated. In one camp are the juicing proponents. Those who tout many claims including magically detoxifying your body, rejuvenating your cells and even curing cancer. The juicing naysayers feel (rightly so) that there is no evidence to […]

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Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Ellie Freeman is hosting a free 15 day nutrition challenge where she offers daily simple habits to transform your nutrition habits


  On April 15 we began the FREE eat CLEAN for 15 challenge.  But don’t worry… you haven’t missed out! By signing up below, you will receive a daily email that includes the simple cleansing tactic du jour.  Each habit is straightforward and (surprisingly) accessible, highlighting the natural essence of the simple springtime cleansing you crave.  Don’t wait! […]

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SIMPLE SWAP: fiber-ful foods

Remember how I mentioned that fiber has the capacity to drastically benefit the heart, waist line AND blood sugar?  I also gave you some 60 second techniques for adding more fiber to your day. If you haven’t had the chance to snack on this juicy info yet, click HERE! Now I’m taking you one step further […]

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BLOG: 5 questions to ask yourself before a cleanse

I like to think I’m not addicted to sugar; but lately, I am less convinced of this fact as I have inadvertently been opening the fridge late at night looking for that sweet “something.”  With all the holiday parties and gay happy meetings, I’ve mindlessly consumed more than my fair share of crackers, cookies and […]

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