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With the release of Dr. Steven Gundry’s latest book, The Plant Paradox, a new nutrition villain has emerged on the scene. Enter the LECTIN. Lectins are nothing new. They are a type of protein found in the foods we eat. It is thought that lectins evolved as part of a plant’s natural defense system, helping […]

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Registered Dietitian Ellie Kempton explains Heart Health and it's relation to Brussels Sprouts.

FOOD is MEDICINE: heart disease

Heart disease is something that we’ve all heard of. But what exactly is it? What happens in your body that leads to heart disease? Today we will try to tackle these questions and a whole lot more. HEART DISEASE DEFINED When asked to describe heart disease, most of us would mention plaque buildup in arteries, […]

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Simply Nourished Nutrition, a Denver based Nutrition Practice outlines the importance of nutrition for heart health.

NUTRITION Rx: heart health

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s tackle a topic affecting women everywhere: HEART HEALTH. There are 2 sides to this heart health coin [the emotional + the clinical] and it’s critical to consider both to experience the intoxicating freedom and joy of a healthy heart! From a clinical standpoint, heart disease is the number one killer of both men and […]

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