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Simply Nourished Nutrition, a Denver based Nutrition Practice outlines the importance of nutrition for heart health.

NUTRITION Rx: heart health

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s tackle a topic affecting women everywhere: HEART HEALTH. There are 2 sides to this heart health coin [the emotional + the clinical] and it’s critical to consider both to experience the intoxicating freedom and joy of a healthy heart! From a clinical standpoint, heart disease is the number one killer of both men and […]

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Registered Dietitian Ellie Kempton outlines how to use and store Brussels Sprouts. Ellie Kempton also outlines how important Brussels can be for wellness and heart health.

SIMPLY ESSENTIAL: Brussels Sprouts

HISTORY + WHY WE LOVE THEM Once considered a delicacy in Belgium, Brussels sprouts are packed with antioxidants that can help fight the cell-damage done by free radicals- reducing the risk for some cancers AND helping detoxify the body. Clocking in at 56 calories per cup, Brussels sprouts house a HUGE amount of Vitamin C […]

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Eat local. Eat Seasonal. Eat Organic. All 3 messages can easily become confusing. Which one is best? Fortunately, they all go hand in hand. By eating foods that are grown locally, you will inevitably be eating the foods that are in season…and by choosing foods that are in-season you are celebrating the rhythm and ritual of […]

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