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We all know the frustration of a sleepless night. We toss and turn as our minds take this most inopportune time to dissect and analyze everything from the minor tiff we had with a friend to the pile of unfinished work awaiting us in the morning. We also know how crummy we feel the next […]

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Hormones have us wrapped around their little fingers as they communicate with each other thousands of times per second and their messages coordinate exactly how we feel on a day-to-day basis. Having spent YEARS pining after answers about hormone balance and being told that everything was “normal,” I’m here to tell you that pain, anxiety, […]

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Ellie Kempton, MSN RD explains how important flax seeds are for health and wellness as well as a variety of recipes that allow you to use them in the kitchen with ease and simplicity.

COOKBOOK: flax seed recipes

FEAST ON FLAX SEEDS By now you already know I have a thing for Flax Seeds. FIRST, we explored why we love them and how to select, store and savor these little fiber-ful friends. However, the flax seed train doesn’t stop there. Besides their capacity to boost fiber intake, flax also hosts some invaluable oils that have been […]

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It’s one thing to make clear- headed decisions about what to eat, but its another to make decisions when you are tired and longing for more shut-eye. You’re not alone! Americans filled nearly 60 million sleep-aid prescriptions in 2015 making it clear that sleep is something we all crave but often tend to satisfy that craving with sugar instead. What if we told you that there are a few simple secrets that might get to the root cause of your sleeplessness without the brain fog, addiction and negative side effects of a prescription drug? Join us on ______ to learn more about sleep and to learn how to make a little night time snack to promote sounds sleep.

FOOD is MEDICINE: insomnia

Insomnia is a BIG deal! It’s definitely not worth ignoring. We hinted at the many consequences of insomnia in our last blog. We know how it affects us, and most of our friends too. But… what is it? In our fast-paced lives the effects of insomnia touch us all in some way. With 48% of Americans […]

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Registered Dietitian Ellie Kempton outlines how important sleep is for our wellbeing as well as 5 ways to promote optimal sleep.

NUTRITION Rx: sound sleep

We’ve all been there, the clock keeps ticking, you have to wake up in just a few short hours, and try as you might you just CAN’T fall asleep. The frustration mounts and your ability to find peace and sound sleep slips farther and father away. Does this sound familiar? Insomnia [difficulty falling or staying asleep] […]

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