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Sugar cravings stem predominately from a blood sugar imbalance and they are one of the most powerful form of craving because we have access to sugar 24/7. Sugar lines the walls of most grocers making it very hard to escape! Instead of resorting to willpower or withdrawal when your craving strikes, a more sustainable response […]

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Registered Dietitian Ellie Kempton outlines how important sleep is for our wellbeing as well as 5 ways to promote optimal sleep.

NUTRITION Rx: sound sleep

We’ve all been there, the clock keeps ticking, you have to wake up in just a few short hours, and try as you might you just CAN’T fall asleep. The frustration mounts and your ability to find peace and sound sleep slips farther and father away. Does this sound familiar? Insomnia [difficulty falling or staying asleep] […]

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Simply Nourished Nutrition, a Denver based Nutrition Practice outlines the importance of nutrition for heart health.

NUTRITION Rx: heart health

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s tackle a topic affecting women everywhere: HEART HEALTH. There are 2 sides to this heart health coin [the emotional + the clinical] and it’s critical to consider both to experience the intoxicating freedom and joy of a healthy heart! From a clinical standpoint, heart disease is the number one killer of both men and […]

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Holistic Nutritionist Ellie Freeman outlines simple ways to replace sugary drinks with healthy alternatives.

SIMPLE SWAP: d r i n k s

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Ellie Freeman is explaining the whole foods that can be used as functional medicine to fight seasonal allergies


With Spring in full swing, the earth is brimming with color, life and… POLLEN. Join me on the FOX news stage as I share with you my 4-favorite SEASONAL ALLERGY-FIGHTING FOODS so that you can find both PREVENTION and RELIEF with FOOD instead of medication. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW! -note that the video takes a couple seconds to […]

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