Holistic Nutrition Consultations in Denver CO

My job is to renew health and vibrancy using food and holistic therapies. Its more than my job … it’s my passion. This passion drives the creation and individual support for any of a personal health journey. As I see it, the process is comparable to planting a garden. Before we can see new life, we must assess the soil, plant the seeds and cultivate growth with nourishment and maintenance. Whether you feel as though you merely need a voice of support and clarity or would like to start anew, the following options will provide you with the resources and care you deserve while making an investment in your long-term health.


Assessing the Soil: Initial Nutrition Consultation

holistic nutrition consultationsAn initial consultation provides the groundwork from which we grow together on your health journey. The topics that we cover and the resources provided are completely dependent on YOUR unique story, body, and goals. My holistic assessment will include gathering information about your health history, sleeping habits, digestion, energy, current food intake and any other relevant information. We will also review any recent lab work, medications and current supplementation. I deem every nuance and detail to be important in the illustration of optimal health. Our assessment of the “soil” will drive my custom-tailored action plan that can either be followed independently or together, should you wish to work with me beyond the initial consult.

Seventy-five minute initial consult: $150

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Planting the Seeds: 5 Consult Package

whole foods nutrition therapyA 5 Consult Package includes an initial consult as well as 4 follow up 1-on-1 sessions and unlimited access to me via e-mail. During our time together we will prioritize the deficiencies, nurture strengths and then “plant lasting seeds” of health that will grow beyond our time together.  Modalities of care include nutritional, herbal and lifestyle therapies. Each “seed” planted will radically improve your health by identifying, correcting imbalances and weeding out chronic issues. Whether you crave new food options, outlines and tools or need support in making long-term lifestyle modifications, a 5 consult mentorship will provide you with a clear vision in accomplishing your health goals.


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Cultivating Growth: 10 Consult Package

whole foods nutritionist in Denver COA 10 Consult Package includes an initial consultation as well as 9 follow up 1-on-1 sessions and unlimited support via e-mail.  New habits take time to grow roots, survive and emerge into something that bears visible “fruit”. Our time together will begin by prioritizing your areas of growth and then creating a plan that takes you down a path equipped with any tools you could need. From weight loss to severe digestive distress, the extended time together offers you time to experience real and transformative results. As your habits change, so will your energy, clarity and vibrancy.  The extra time together will also ensure that the newly cultivated habits will thrive and flourish beyond our time together.


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Watering and Weeding: Nutrition Maintenance Sessions

simple nutritionAny newly planted garden depends heavily upon attention and disciplined care. New health habits grow under the same parameters, which is why intentional time spent one-on-one can be a helpful tool in achieving your goals. During our time together, we will refer back to the original goals made in our initial consult and make necessary adjustments. Then, we will assess any barriers that have been encountered as well as provide the resources you need to sustain growth in a positive direction.

A la carte 1-on-1 session: $125

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