• Ellie Freeman, Holistic Nutritionist in Denver Colorado


Ellie Freeman, holistic nutritionist in Denver CO

Simply Nourished is a holistic nutrition therapy business based in Denver Colorado. I provide personal nutrition consultations, group cleanses and a variety of services from meal planning to personal cheffing. My areas of expertise includes promoting holistic health and digestive wellness with whole foods using a functional medicine approach.

BREAKING THE CYCLE OF BLAH: Option C! [ Intermittent fasting with Ellie]

INTRO:  Having worked with 100s of [busy SUPER]women around the country, the most common misconception is that I religiously practice EVERYTHING I teach. Well here’s the deal- I don’t. But it’s not because I don’t believe in what I teach. Some days, in spite of my best intentions, when I come home from meal planning for everyone […]

BREAKING THE CYCLE OF BLAH: OPTION B! [naked food with Kerri]

OK kids, it’s time to talk about unpackaged carbs. Here’s the thing about packages— opening them is very satisfying. Wanting a snack and having a tidy package right there with a ready-made snack inside is extremely convenient and delicious. We used to have a cat that would come running when he heard the rustling of […]


Juice cleanses… Like many “fad diets” and other trends in the nutrition world, its usefulness and efficacy are highly debated. In one camp are the juicing proponents. Those who tout many claims including magically detoxifying your body, rejuvenating your cells and even curing cancer. The juicing naysayers feel (rightly so) that there is no evidence to […]