Tiffany Althaus - review for Simply Nourished Nutrition“In my experience with Ellie, I’ve observed her to be one of the most thorough, positive, and driven health care professionals. She emulates everything that she teaches her patients in her own personal life. In addition, she sets a true example of compassion in her work. As a provider-in-training, I appreciate her extensive knowledge and passion for the field of nutrition. I can’t wait to refer patients to her in my future practice! I would recommend Ellie to anyone looking for a highly skilled, very personable, and compassionate nutritionist.”

~ Tiffany Althaus

“You have made changing some of my dietary habits both easy and achievable. When we began working together, I expressed a desire to decrease my sugar dependence and improve the quality of my food choices. Your enthusiasm for simple changes made over a period of time, your  delicious and simple recipes, and your patient guidance have inspired me to not only make, but to continue on a path of improved health. I am now a probiotics believer and take them daily. Your approach of providing educational resources,  quality ingredient suggestions, delicious recipes that you personally have tested and love, and  being my cheerleader who is just a call or email away, has given me a solid foundation to shop and cook more thoughtfully. The snack booklet you have created is changing my snack life and I am not looking back. My energy level throughout the day has been stabilized through quality snacking and my sugar cravings substantially decreased, including the afternoon energy letdown that in the past drove me to grab sugary treats for a pickup.  I am looking forward to continued improved health as I work with you, Ellie. I am thankful that you believe in and share recipes that are not only good for your health, but do not compromise flavor or enjoyment of cooking and eating together with family and friends!”

~Sandi Woods

Laura Pritchard Compton- review for Simply Nourished Nutrition“Besides being incredibly fun to work with, Ellie is extremely knowledgeable, patient, organized and intentional with her words and actions.  Ellie always brings her best to the table and is more than willing to do extra work to give quality service.”

~Laura Pritchard

“Ellie has the ability to invite you into a passionate world of learning where you become immersed in the process itself. Sometimes you take a class and end up with a bunch of notes that you hope to use but often don’t .With Ellie your learning is hands-on and you come away with and understanding of food as you’ve never known it before. She teaches beautiful, simple, easy to remember ways of preparing delicious, highly nutritious, everyday recipes that you’ll want to make for yourself, your friends, and your family. Today, food terms such as  ‘free-range’, ‘slow food’, ‘non GMO’, ‘probiotics, superfoods,  antioxidants, and others, sometimes leave you feeling bewildered, and severely lacking in knowledge about being truly healthy. Ellie’s sweet, vibrant, nurturing, and unintimidating nature draws you in and offers you a fun way to become confident about food choices you make for yourself that fit with your lifestyle and allow you to feel the best you can feel!”

~Mar Knight-Hall

Missy Tacey - review for Simply Nourished Nutrition“I started working with Ellie this past January.  I had been struggling with an auto immune related eye issue, causing me to briefly lose my vision multiple times a day.  It truly affected every aspect of my daily life. I went through months of testing, and though I had a great team of doctors helping me, there was no solid answer as to what could help my condition. Though I had little control over what was going on, I began focusing on what I could control: what I was putting into my body.  Changing how I ate and focusing with Ellie’s help on learning natural ways to help an inflammatory response from my body made an immediate impact. I felt very different cutting back certain foods, and adding in the vitamins and minerals by body needed.  I am so appreciative of her help!”

~Missy Tacey

“I came to Ellie for help because food was challenging and almost dysfunctional in our house.  Providing meals and snacks for six very active people with a variety of food allergies including:  nuts, seeds, shellfish, gluten and lactose was challenging and taxing.  Ellie not only helped us with meal and recipe ideas, she also provided us with simple substitutions and expanded our awareness about the importance of quality ingredients while introducing us to a variety of new foods.  Her services were tailored to our needs and included:  a farmer’s market tour, a grocery store visit highlighting products to purchase and avoid, one on one cooking instruction with the kids, goal assessment, and weekly menu ideas.   Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching others about nutrition is contagious.  I can honestly say working with Ellie was one of the best things we ever did for our family!”

~Michelle Stevinson

“For five years I’ve been wrestling with Type 2 diabetes unable to reverse the slow progression.  My doctors offer Metformin scripts and advocate weight loss, daily exercise and a mediterranean diet.  I declined their medication, increased my exercise and tweaked my nutrition regimen to cure the condition.  It didn’t improve; instead, I experienced muscle fatigue, inflammation and much confusion about nutrition.  The lap swimming and biking certainly shed some weight, but they proved ineffective in stabilizing my blood sugars.  So then I tried a more intense cleanse + medical food + supplement routine and found it produced remarkable short-term results but equally unsustainable.

“Ellie had a different approach…

“Before heading off to Graduate School at Bastyr, Ellie agreed to help me start filling the gaps in my nutrition knowledge by methodically letting me try a variety of foods and recipes to see how my energy levels changed.  It was a different shopping experience at the grocery stores and a much more engaging experience in preparing and cooking my meals.  I shopped for eggs, chicken, nuts, fruits and vegetables with a different level scrutiny.  I bought and ate less sugar.  In short, she started to reconnect me with my body using different foods as energy builders.  I started to see and feel changes immediately—some good, others not.  Ellie has always been an exceptional athlete and so she understood my desire to tackle the diabetes and also fuel my body for exercise.  What surprised me is how quickly body chemistry changed when I started eating the right foods.  It became clear that I was neither eating enough protein nor hydrating properly.  And equally clear that my sensitivity to gluten was profoundly impacting my chemistry and endocrine systems.  Ellie’s recipes changed my palette 100% and moved me from just watching cooking shows to cooking with passion.  It’s been a journey that’s for sure and Ellie has been right there with her magical energy, recipes, creativity and education.”

~Robert J Smith

Kelsey Host - nutrition therapy client“I have known Ellie for over four years, from the beginnings of her career in nutrition at the University of Virginia to her years spent at Bastyr. Ellie has always valued experiential learning in addition to knowledge gained in the classroom – she is clearly someone who practices every lesson she teaches. As a practitioner, Ellie is extremely intuitive, acknowledging the full client, from physical to emotional needs. She wants to find solutions to the toughest of issues and truly believes in the body’s unique powers to heal itself with the proper inputs. Ellie is empathetic, not only because she must be as a healer, but because she too has suffered from health ailments and understands the frustrations of her clients. ”
~Kelsey Host

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