Picture of turmeric- a potent spice and whole food remedy

Turmeric has the capacity to decrease inflammation, naturally relieving pain and reducing stress.

Pain is hard to ignore. It affects the way we act, sleep and live. As a an athlete, I  learned at a young age to push through pain or simply ignore it. While this may have allowed me to reach my short-term athletic goals it led to some pretty serious long-term health complications. Why?

Any type of pain is linked to inflammation. While inflammation is the body’s natural and beneficial short term healing response to injury, it will not resolve unless the injuring stimulus is removed. Ignored, chronic inflammation can be the underlying cause for some incredibly serious health issues. Cancer to autoimmunity is being linked to inflammation. This sounds overwhelming until we start to look at what resources we have to address inflammation.



Turmeric is a beautiful golden spice commonly used as a culinary spice in Curry Dishes. Not only is the flavor pungent, the health benefits are potent. A recent review found it’s active compound, Curcumin, to be not only incredibly safe but also a competitor to the most expensive anti-inflammatory drugs on the market.

The mechanism behind this heroic action is the inhibition of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) which is a mediator for inflammation and inflammation-related diseases. Taken regularly in therapeutic doses, this golden spice may provide the relief to those struggling with chronic inflammation. Better yet, it will add some tantalizing color to your dish.

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Now that I have shared my favorite magical spice, what is YOURS?

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