Summer is finally in full swing as evidenced by a little more bravery in the baring of arms. When the shorts roll out and sweaters get tucked away it’s time to celebrate skin’s shimmer, clarity and glow. If this is starting to sound like a beauty skin cream advertisement don’t leave just yet… we’re going to look at what stimulates that lustrous skin from the inside out!

Below are are my top 3 “secrets” for promoting the youthful skin you deserve all summer long.

Anti-inflammatory advantage

Acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or even just dryness and wrinkles all have a common root: INFLAMMATION. There’s no prescription [or fancy skin cream] necessary for any of them. You heard me! Instead, walk on down to your nearest grocer and cash in a “nutrition prescription” -colorful seasonal vegetables, fresh caught seafood, nuts and seeds. Avoiding refined sugars and indulging daily in omega-3 rich foods [such as sardines, flax seeds and walnuts] is going to be your best strategy for preventing these superficial [and embarrassing] manifestations of deep-seated internal inflammation. Over time, inflammation breaks down collagen causing the skin to lose its elasticity and sag prematurely. What better way to stave off a “wrinkledome” than with a tasty sardine salad served on flax crackers with roasted walnuts.

Love on some lycopene

Red tomatoes, red watermelon, red strawberries and red radishes. What do all these seasonal summer beauties have in common? Besides their lovely hue, these red rubies contain a pigment called lycopene, which has been shown to protect the skin from the Sun’s damaging rays by internally bolstering innate antioxidant mechanisms. Including a few of each into your day will not only brighten your plate but it might also bolster skin protection. Go ahead. Eat your “sunscreen!”

Protect with probiotics

Most skin cleansing agents, lotions and potions strip the skin of beneficial bacteria leaving the skin unnecessarily exposed to the elements. Eating probiotics has hit the press. But what about applying them topically? Research shows the replacement of harsh skin cleansing agents with topical probiotics could be the best form of protection known to man. One of the simplest ways to start applying probiotics topically is with some plain coconut water kefir. Add some to a spray bottle and use as a “toner” daily! Don’t use toner? There are also a slew of other probiotic lotions hitting the market these days. Simplify your skin care regimen today by swapping a protective probiotic lotion or toner for all your other lotions and potions. Your friends will begin to wonder how they can get your same summer glow. SHHHHH it’s our little secret!

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