Academy FAQ

A few FAQs that are worth your time: 

I’ve already taken metabolic renewal but I loved it and want to join again. Would that be worth my time? 

Heck yes. Here’s a Haiku for you:

brand new recipes

incredible community 


Why would I start with Simply Nourished Like a Mother if I want to lose weight? 

SNLAM is the lock and key to laying the solid and oh so transformational foundation for renewal, reset, and beyond. By engaging in SNLAM, you will have the platform on which to stand leveraging your time in renewal and / or metabolic reset to the fullest. SNLAM is what I teach first even in my 1:1 care so by taking it, you will catapult forward if you choose to work under me in the intimacy of a mentorship. 

How is Metabolic RENEWAL [option B] different from joining the 12 week metabolic RESET?

Metabolic RENEWAL is simpler than RESET: fewer rules and less strict structure. If you’ve been through RESET, you’ll find that this program is like entering back into phase 2 but with new recipes, a new spin and of course a new tribe giving you newfound motivation. While there is enough structure to breed tangible results, you can participate on your own terms, with your own timing and at your own pace. Whether you tune in lounging from the side of  a pool or the quiet space of your office, you will receive access to information dedicated to changing the way your body uses fuel. 

How is the Metabolic RENEWAL different from the Simply Nourished Table?

This program is the same as what was taught in Q1 [Jan – March] of The Table. So if you were a member of the table in Q1 you can join us again for some recalibration and a slightly different spin but the concepts remain the same. Turns out, hands on support + live interaction sometimes makes all the difference though. So if you were contemplating revisiting your Q1 materials or maybe you weren’t a member for that session of the table, this would be the time to engage. The price difference accounts for the extra support given live to answer questions and make sure you are successful every step of the way.