Why We Love It

Artichokes have a long history of helping to bring about stomach relief. They’re packed full of silymarin [you may remember this as the active ingredient in milk thistle!] which helps to nourish the liver. Artichokes stimulate bile production which has been shown to aid in alleviating symptoms of indigestion. Even though artichokes are a lot of work, the health benefits are well worth the time investment.

Selection + Storage

The heaviest and most firm artichokes are the best. The artichoke should have a healthy green color and it’s fine if the leaves are still tightly pressed together. If you press the leaves against each other, they should make a slight “squeaking” sound. Once selected, store your artichokes in an airtight bag in the refrigerator. Consider adding a paper towel to the bag to help cut down on “trapped” moisture. Cut off the bottom of the stem to keep the artichoke fresh for up to ten days.

Feast on Artichokes

Don’t be intimidated by trying to cook artichokes! They can be cooked, steamed, sauteed or grilled. Once cooked, the outer leaves can be removed and dipped in your favorite dip or sauce. Once cooked, remove the fuzzy center, or the ‘choke’ with a spoon and discard, this is part is inedible. However, remove and enjoy the heart as a great addition to salads or pizzas. If you’re looking to enjoy the hearts without the fuss, canned or jarred artichoke hearts are a great way to cut down on prep time and the fuss. But if you’re looking to be a little more creative with artichokes, here’s a collection of our favorite recipes!

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