summer skin care camp

The ART of clear, luminous skin feels so tricky doesn’t it?

If I’m going to be honest, I gave up at one point categorizing it in my brain as impossible.

On one webpage you’re being told to avoid dairy and on the other you are being instructed to create a yogurt mask. Out of desperation, you click on one more blog only to find that dairy IS the devil. What?

Turns out, I’m as sick and tired of conflicting messages as you are and as one who was not born with porcelain skin, I’m stepping in valiantly as your skin “scout troop leader” to guide you back onto the trail worth hiking that leads to skin integrity, luster, and glow [without the complicated extras].

Just like any good summer camp, led by a tried and true [seen all the things] scout troop leader, you will be spoon-fed tactical ways to approach this oh so vulnerable issue [because well – it’s our FACE we’re talking about here].

  • a step-by-step tutorial on what to eat to nurture your gut health [spurring skin health]
  • a troubleshooting guide for:
    • acne
    • dry skin
    • aging skin
    • eczema // psoriasis // rashes
  • a simple but targeted regimen that you can emulate to a T or personalize as needed [spotlighting my skin care line discovery – 30 brands later – AlumierMD].

Investment in your best face forward: $25