While it’s so tempting to catapult yourself into new habits, new foods, new ________ all in the name of “new year new you;” however, I dare you to pause and reflect instead. How rebellious!  Why? Because reflection is the most targeted catalyst of both celebration [honoring how far you’ve come], gratitude for all you have [ continue reading → ]

How are you? Fine? Good? Busy? That [used to be] my first response too. It’s normal! Expected even. But not what I want my default to be anymore. I’m over letting the word busy define me. But it’s so much more complicated than that isn’t it? We’ve been groomed to seek busy and even hide [ continue reading → ]

With every new season [and summer is no exception], I get this splashy wave of insight that breed deep “ponderings” and more often than not a pretty big audit to my habits. It hurts sometimes to question how I live my life. But on the other side of the “question trench,” I somehow always feel [ continue reading → ]

  Today is my birthday. And somehow on every birthday I get ushered into this deep [sometimes dark] space of introspection. I now embrace this thought journey though! I grab a pen and paper. And I just go for it. This year as I reflect, journal, and feel, what I’m noticing most is how much [ continue reading → ]

  I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a speed addict. In fact the first 20 years of my life were bent on SPEED. As a competitive athlete, my sense of VALUE was wrapped around speed. And when my body finally told me that it could no longer compensate, I was FORCED to slow [ continue reading → ]

The holiday season embodies so much joy, community and nostalgia. But we know, all too well, that it also presents us with multiple opportunities to well… over indulge. Instead of building fear and angst around your pending soiree lineup, consider taking a step back to intentionally plot your course [using the roadmap below]. I guarantee [ continue reading → ]