Self Care

In the midst of the holiday season, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of gift purchases, festive parties and perfecting grandma’s cookie recipe. Oftentimes, the holidays are more complicated and less restful than we imagine or hope for, leaving us wrung out and ready to crawl [ continue reading → ]

I’m a dopamine addict. There. I said it. If a webpage takes more than 2 seconds to load, I groan and move to something else that can give me a productivity dopamine rush. If I have 2 seconds of time on my hands, I take a quick peek at my phone to see if there’s [ continue reading → ]

Can you smell it? The crisp air of autumn has arrived. Colorful leaves, brisk weather and fresh beginnings [school, sports, programs and more] characterize the fall as a true season of transformation. Not only do our kitchens take on the aromas of warming spices + apple cider + roasted root vegetables but our hearts begin [ continue reading → ]

As the supplement industry expands by the minute, the cacophony of marketing around which supplements to take is nearly deafening at this point.  The obvious question on everyone’s mind is: what should I be taking on the daily?  Some supplement companies tout a cure for every ache and pain [making them fountains of youth] while [ continue reading → ]

In the world of nutrition, there are some far encompassing words that are becoming harder and harder to understand Metabolism, cleanse, detox, inflammation, and wellness are a few I grapple with daily. And as my clients use ubiquitous terms like this, my job is to explain what they tangibly mean so that they aren’t quite [ continue reading → ]

Bare feet, watermelon, Rosé, picnics … sound familiar? It’s summer! And with summer comes joy, playfulness and freedom. Just as a child celebrates each day of summer vacation, it’s time we too become more present and attuned to the warmth + whimsy of this juicy season. Transitioning gracefully from spring [a time of renewal + [ continue reading → ]

Around the start of the new year cleansing and detox are buzz words that abound. But all too often the super attractive “10 day detox regimens,” don’t actually target the organs of elimination. Unfortunately, the term detox has also become synonymous with a restrictive diet or a way to reactively rebound from a bit of [ continue reading → ]

life is not a marathon – it’s a relay [begging for intervals of rest + recalibration] I love to work hard. And I [used to] live to work hard. Early on in my career as an athlete [and then of course my career as a dietitian] I believed and preached that working hard all. the. [ continue reading → ]

As we approach winter, a time filled with darkness and shorter days, it becomes increasingly more difficult to sustain our mental health with sunshine alone. And so as you take a closer look at your mood and mental state I want you to ask yourself this [raw but oh so tactful] question: “Have I been [ continue reading → ]

Quarantine. It’s a 12 letter word that’s all too familiar now. The intended outcome of a quarantine is of course to protect and prevent the spread of illness yet when under quarantine for long periods of time it’s all too easy to fall prey to stressors that actually infringe on the resilience of the immune [ continue reading → ]