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While anxiety runs rampant in the pace and push of our modern day, menopause seemingly cranks up the anxiety dial one too many notches. Accompanied by physical symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia and pow, you’ve got a double whammy right there. High or low fluctuating estrogen coupled with low progesterone affects your serotonin [ continue reading → ]

It’s 3 am and all you can think about is your task list that seemingly grows by the second – as you maybe recycle a few items in your bout of frustrated fatigue. Why… oh WHY are you plagued by intermittent insomnia? And how come it is seemingly intertwined with the other symptoms of pms [ continue reading → ]

What happened to the days of the three day // oh so light // oh so manageable periods? Whether your period has gradually gotten heavier or maybe it seemingly became a monster overnight, it’s wise to address this symptom of estrogen’s dominance over progesterone. But first… Some geeky background 🤓: you make the hormone progesterone [ continue reading → ]

You used to have a head of thick lustrous locks requiring one maybe two hair ties.  And now? You’ve downgraded to the spindly little thin hair tie to capture wisps of what was.  Or maybe… you had thin hair to begin with and it’s getting well… more so.  Do not fret. There IS a hormonal [ continue reading → ]

Skin breakouts define vulnerability. If only we didn’t have to wear our imbalances on our faces- am I right?  Why couldn’t they show up elsewhere like… well I’ll let you decide.  But for so many of us, breakouts persist well beyond puberty. Why?  Because if the hormones like testosterone and estrogen predominate in abundance, we [ continue reading → ]

If you’ve noticed you’re growing more chin hairs as you age, you are not alone! Those annoying, thick hairs that you notice at the most inopportune moments? Um. Yeah. 😳 So annoying! 😝 Your fine, soft, skin colored hair is called a Vellus hair. 🍑 The amount of vellus hair you have is based on [ continue reading → ]

Brain fog. It feels like early onset aging doesn’t it?   Words just aren’t coming to you as quickly and where the heck are those keys of yours? As we begin to make that sacred [and I do mean sacred!] journey into menopause, brain fog often accompanies estrogen taking a dip and a dive while progesterone [ continue reading → ]