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It is estimated that 95% of our food is directly [or indirectly] produced in soil. Yet no one talks about dirt or it’s impact on the food itself. Because well… it’s dirty! Instead, we micro-analyze the quality of the food itself and scratch our heads when we recognize nutrient density of food is sharply decreasing. [ continue reading → ]

  Today is my birthday. And somehow on every birthday I get ushered into this deep [sometimes dark] space of introspection. I now embrace this thought journey though! I grab a pen and paper. And I just go for it. This year as I reflect, journal, and feel, what I’m noticing most is how much [ continue reading → ]

Fasting. It’s a fad right now to be sure. But does the hype hold up to the facts? Having led 100s of beautiful women around the country toward a space of confidence in food choices and metabolic transformation, I continue to cast my net out into the world of research behind weight loss and the [ continue reading → ]

Metabolism… we know we want it working and we want it fast, but do we really know what it is? With so many diets, fasts, detoxes and cleanses out there claiming to speed up our metabolism, how do we know what really works? And most importantly, what can we do to permanently nourish and sustain [ continue reading → ]

Around the start of the new year cleansing and detox are buzz words that abound. But all too often the super attractive “10 day detox regimens,” don’t actually target the organs of elimination. Unfortunately, the term detox has also become synonymous with a restrictive diet or a way to reactively rebound from a bit of [ continue reading → ]

life is not a marathon – it’s a relay [begging for intervals of rest + recalibration] I love to work hard. And I [used to] live to work hard. Early on in my career as an athlete [and then of course my career as a dietitian] I believed and preached that working hard all. the. [ continue reading → ]

While most would have considered talking about stool TMI, I’m so grateful for Oprah as she popularized it when she hosted Dr. Oz in her episode called “Everyone Poops.” So, now we’ve got the green light to talk about it now. Am I right? Simply noticing trends in consistency and timing of your bowel movements [ continue reading → ]

Sugar. It keeps me in business. Not only is it a sneaky little thing woven into many foods that claim to be “healthy,” but it also can play gnarly games with our sense of hunger and satiety cues.  Now that we have access to ALL the alternatives [many of which have negligible impact on our [ continue reading → ]

As we approach winter, a time filled with darkness and shorter days, it becomes increasingly more difficult to sustain our mental health with sunshine alone. And so as you take a closer look at your mood and mental state I want you to ask yourself this [raw but oh so tactful] question: “Have I been [ continue reading → ]