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Margin. The last time I really used that word often was when I was in grade school and I was learning how to write between margins on my [wide-ruled] paper. But recently, I’ve been musing on the word margin more metaphorically and teaching quite a lot on it as well. I’ve been imagining my life [ continue reading → ]

As we enter into a new season, there’s a newfound freshness that I’m feeling so high on I couldn’t help but share some of my secrets- the secrets of women who make wellness look and feel effortless. Before I spoon-feed you the secret sauce to the art of “effortless” I want you to think of [ continue reading → ]

The thyroid gland IS the body’s metronome. Symptoms like chronic fatigue + stubborn weight gain + dry skin hair and nails are but a few of the telltale signs that the “metronome” is not getting the information it needs to thrive. But don’t be discouraged [or tempted to let age be a scapegoat]. The thyroid [ continue reading → ]

Hey you! Tomorrow is my birthday and if you’ve followed me long enough, you know I get very contemplative around transitions. While age is truly just a number, I adore the invitation I feel to step into this space of contemplation every blessed March 18th and this year is no different. However, this year, instead [ continue reading → ]

When it comes to wellness, tuning into both emotional and physical symptoms of stagnation or imbalance is of utmost importance not just periodically but daily. However, it’s of equal importance to check in on clinical biometrics with lab work annually. In doing so, you are able to track patterns of brewing imbalance you might not [ continue reading → ]

Raise your hand if you love rules. Yep, me too! Rules [the more the better] feel safe to me. But something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is when rules run rogue becoming… rigid. January is a month of program curation for me and as I refine, polish and re-work how I teach wellness, [ continue reading → ]

While it’s so tempting to catapult yourself into new habits, new foods, new ________ all in the name of “new year new you;” however, I dare you to pause and reflect instead. How rebellious!  Why? Because reflection is the most targeted catalyst of both celebration [honoring how far you’ve come], gratitude for all you have [ continue reading → ]

In the midst of the holiday season, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of gift purchases, festive parties and perfecting grandma’s cookie recipe. Oftentimes, the holidays are more complicated and less restful than we imagine or hope for, leaving us wrung out and ready to crawl [ continue reading → ]

I’m a dopamine addict. There. I said it. If a webpage takes more than 2 seconds to load, I groan and move to something else that can give me a productivity dopamine rush. If I have 2 seconds of time on my hands, I take a quick peek at my phone to see if there’s [ continue reading → ]