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Margin. The last time I really used that word often was when I was in grade school and I was learning how to write between margins on my [wide-ruled] paper. But recently, I’ve been musing on the word margin more metaphorically. I’ve been imagining my life as that piece of paper and margin as the [ continue reading → ]

Can you smell it? The crisp air of autumn has arrived. Colorful leaves, brisk weather and fresh beginnings [school, sports, programs and more] characterize the fall as a true season of transformation. Not only do our kitchens take on the aromas of warming spices + apple cider + roasted root vegetables but our hearts begin [ continue reading → ]

As the supplement industry expands by the minute, the cacophony of marketing around which supplements to take is nearly deafening at this point.  The obvious question on everyone’s mind is: what should I be taking on the daily?  Some supplement companies tout a cure for every ache and pain [making them fountains of youth] while [ continue reading → ]

How are you? Fine? Good? Busy? That [used to be] my first response too. It’s normal! Expected even. But not what I want my default to be anymore. I’m over letting the word busy define me. But it’s so much more complicated than that isn’t it? We’ve been groomed to seek busy and even hide [ continue reading → ]

In the world of nutrition, there are some far encompassing words that are becoming harder and harder to understand Metabolism, cleanse, detox, inflammation, and wellness are a few I grapple with daily. And as my clients use ubiquitous terms like this, my job is to explain what they tangibly mean so that they aren’t quite [ continue reading → ]

With every new season [and summer is no exception], I get this splashy wave of insight that breed deep “ponderings” and more often than not a pretty big audit to my habits. It hurts sometimes to question how I live my life. But on the other side of the “question trench,” I somehow always feel [ continue reading → ]

While anxiety runs rampant in the pace and push of our modern day, menopause seemingly cranks up the anxiety dial one too many notches. Accompanied by physical symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia and pow, you’ve got a double whammy right there. High or low fluctuating estrogen coupled with low progesterone affects your serotonin [ continue reading → ]

It’s 3 am and all you can think about is your task list that seemingly grows by the second – as you maybe recycle a few items in your bout of frustrated fatigue. Why… oh WHY are you plagued by intermittent insomnia? And how come it is seemingly intertwined with the other symptoms of pms [ continue reading → ]

What happened to the days of the three day // oh so light // oh so manageable periods? Whether your period has gradually gotten heavier or maybe it seemingly became a monster overnight, it’s wise to address this symptom of estrogen’s dominance over progesterone. But first… Some geeky background 🤓: you make the hormone progesterone [ continue reading → ]