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If you’ve noticed you’re growing more chin hairs as you age, you are not alone! Those annoying, thick hairs that you notice at the most inopportune moments? Um. Yeah. 😳 So annoying! 😝 Your fine, soft, skin colored hair is called a Vellus hair. 🍑 The amount of vellus hair you have is based on [ continue reading → ]

Brain fog. It feels like early onset aging doesn’t it?   Words just aren’t coming to you as quickly and where the heck are those keys of yours? As we begin to make that sacred [and I do mean sacred!] journey into menopause, brain fog often accompanies estrogen taking a dip and a dive while progesterone [ continue reading → ]

Bare feet, watermelon, Rosé, picnics … sound familiar? It’s summer! And with summer comes joy, playfulness and freedom. Just as a child celebrates each day of summer vacation, it’s time we too become more present and attuned to the warmth + whimsy of this juicy season. Transitioning gracefully from spring [a time of renewal + [ continue reading → ]

Summer is officially here and I am giddy with excitement at the prospect of enjoying time under the sun with friends and family! For me, summer is a time to PLAY, travel and explore. Whether it’s a road trip, camping excursion, beach getaway or international adventure, the summer is buzzing with activity and long, carefree [ continue reading → ]

Summer is just around the corner.  I can smell it, can’t you? With summer comes more time outside, more playfulness, more colorful food and the abundance of grilled food out by the pool or simply in the backyard. While the thought of grilling sounds 100% harmless, cautionary tales abound [especially as of late] around grilling [ continue reading → ]

Imogen + Daphne Imagine two women: Imogen and Daphne. They have both been invited to a luxurious company cocktail party filled with rich appetizers, decadent desserts and playful drinks. Both look forward to this party every year, but each woman has a different experience once she gets there. Imogen enjoys the foods + drinks that [ continue reading → ]

It is estimated that 95% of our food is directly [or indirectly] produced in soil. Yet no one talks about dirt or it’s impact on the food itself. Because well… it’s dirty! Instead, we micro-analyze the quality of the food itself and scratch our heads when we recognize nutrient density of food is sharply decreasing. [ continue reading → ]

  Today is my birthday. And somehow on every birthday I get ushered into this deep [sometimes dark] space of introspection. I now embrace this thought journey though! I grab a pen and paper. And I just go for it. This year as I reflect, journal, and feel, what I’m noticing most is how much [ continue reading → ]

Fasting. It’s a fad right now to be sure. But does the hype hold up to the facts? Having led 100s of beautiful women around the country toward a space of confidence in food choices and metabolic transformation, I continue to cast my net out into the world of research behind weight loss and the [ continue reading → ]