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By now you already know we have a thing for Brussels Sprouts. Our first blog that tells you all about why we love them and offers tips for selecting and storing your Sprouts. Since it’s February, we tackled a topic close to our hearts… heart health! Our second blog explained all the wonderfully simple ways Brussels Sprouts protect your heart and prevent heart disease. Last week’s post took a deeper look at the more clinical side to heart health as we shared all the things you NEED to know about heart disease. Here’s a tiny hint… cruciferous veggies [like Brussels!] play a role!

We think it’s safe to say, food is one powerful drug! And because of our love of Brussels and their ability to protect your heart, we wanted to share our favorite Brussels Sprouts recipes from some of our favorite bloggers. AND even better, we will share our very own Simply Nourished Brussels Sprouts recipe you’re sure to love!

Top 10 [favorite] Brussels Sprouts Recipes:

  1. Sausage + Brussels Sprouts Hash – This is a one pot meal full of wonderful winter veggies including Brussels Sprouts, parsnips and leeks.
  2. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Red Grapes – A delicious, sweet, and earthy Brussels Sprout side dish with grapes and balsamic.
  3. Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts – A vegetarian twist on a Chinese take-out standard, these Sprouts deliver crunch, spice, and zing.
  4. Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Slaw – Crunchy raw Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts mixed with olives, anchovies, and lemon juice.
  5. Brussels Sprouts with Walnut and Lemon Vinaigrette – A salad of steamed Brussels with a lemon & walnut vinaigrette dressing.
  6. Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Raisins & Maple Dijon Vinaigrette – Shaved Brussels Sprout salad tossed in a simple maple dijon vinaigrette- complete with crisp bacon and sweet raisins!
  7. Baked Brussels Sprouts Chips– Crispy Brussels Sprouts chips: The perfect snack and/or addition to any sandwich or salad!
  8. Baked Brussels Sprout Tater Tots – Only 5 ingredients in this healthy baked Brussels Sprout tater tot recipe.
  9. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon – Roasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon and sea salt.
  10. Crispy Brussels Sprouts – Roasted Brussels Sprouts with coconut oil and Harissa spice blend.


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