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By now you already know I have a thing for Flax Seeds. FIRST, we explored why we love them and how to select, store and savor these little fiber-ful friends. However, the flax seed train doesn’t stop there. Besides their capacity to boost fiber intake, flax also hosts some invaluable oils that have been found to promote sleep- which happens to be a huge deal. Curious? Click HERE. If you happen to have trouble sleeping you might just want to dive into THIS blog post where we cover the ABC’s of INSOMNIA. It’s a huge deal. Don’t ignore it.

I think it’s safe to say, food is one powerful drug! And because of my love of Flax Seeds I wanted to share my favorite Flax Seed recipes from some of my favorite bloggers. In addition, i’m share my very own Simply Nourished Flax Seed recipe you’re sure to love!

Top 10 [favorite] Flax Seed Recipes:

  1. Blueberry Flax Seed Smoothie– Rushing to get out of the house in the morning? Use this recipe to + blend + savor + repeat!
  2. Flax Seed Tortillas – Who knew it was possible to make a tortilla out of TWO [count them!] ingredients? Check it out.
  3. Carrot Apple Muffins – Let the flax in this recipe create a fiber-full muffin both you AND your kids can savor- without the guilt.
  4. Pumpkin Flax Seed Granola – Most cereals are LADEN with sugar. Not this one!
  5. Flax Seed Pizza Crust– Is it possible to enjoy pizza so much fun and not feel sick the next day? We think so!
  6. Banana Flax Seed Muffins – This mimics your bran muffin without the bore.
  7. Buckwheat Flax Seed Muffin – No one will ever guess that the superstar of this recipe is the flax as the buckwheat “does all the talking.”
  8. Chocolate Chip Flax Seed Muffins – Perfect “on the go” sweet snack that doubles as a dessert. Versatility at it’s finest!
  9. Flax Jacks – Don’t let iHOP give you the ticket on the blood sugar rollercoaster. Let this recipe start your day off on a note of sanity and satiety.
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