Jen’s Story

JENNIFER SCHEINMANHi there! I’m Jen, one of the functionally trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) here at Simply Nourished Nutrition. I see clients for 1:1 mentorship and group coaching. I also help to create blogs and handouts that make the Simply Nourished Nutrition library so vast and informative.

My journey to becoming an RDN began in college. Like many college students I gained weight my freshman year and started my first round of crash dieting. Luckily, I was raised with the values of good food and nourishment being at the forefront of health and I quickly learned that fueling myself with a nutrient-dense whole-foods diet reaped many more rewards than the calorie restrictive diets I was experimenting with. It was at this point that I began my formal studies to become a dietitian.

Throughout my career I’ve been privileged enough to work at some of the country’s leading institutions for health and wellness, however I always felt that the oversimplified “calories in vs. calories out” approach I was taught in school was not serving my clients.

It wasn’t until I struggled with my own health and weight issues that I discovered the world of functional medicine. Countless doctors told me I was fine because my lab work was “normal”, but I knew debilitating fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms were not all in my head as my healthcare team suggested. I finally found a functional medicine provider who diagnosed me with Lyme’s Disease and through targeted medication, supplements and of course lifestyle changes I was on the path to finding myself again. This experience led me to return to school to obtain my masters’s degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition so that I could help women like me find their way back to a life of vibrancy and well-being.

This experience has shaped how I support my clients. I know what it feels like to be discouraged, and fearful that your health will never get better. I know the overwhelm and exhaustion that goes into trying to live a fulfilling life when the basics of self-care seem so out of grasp. This is why I take an individual approach to working with each and every client in my care. Together we will create a roadmap that is simple, realistic and achievable, tailored for you and your unique situation.

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