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Whether you’re segueing out of alcohol completely, or you’re working to decrease exposure, you are saying yes to less inflammation, more hormone balance, a happier liver and better sleep. But you don’t have to say no to a fun bevvie to elevate your evening [alcohol free!] Try this bubbly beauty on for size and savor [ continue reading → ]

What are these cute + intricate organelles and what do they do? Mitochondria are responsible for producing a surprising amount of energy from the foods we eat to sustain the body in all situations. We need energy to perform every task, even sitting, thinking, metabolizing food and breathing! There are thousands of mitochondria in almost [ continue reading → ]

With each new year, I feel a wave of motivation to seek out more grounded energy, laser focus, deep confidence, and monk-like mindfulness. With the focus on the add, some of the jittery, bloated, and sluggish feelings [often associated with our winter months] will begin to dissipate. Follow along as I share with you what to [ continue reading → ]

Last month, several large consumer testing outlets reported the results of their batch testing of several brands of dark chocolate and cocoa [including popular names like Ghirardelli, Hershey’s, Lindt and more]. Shockingly, the testing agencies compared the products’ heavy metal content against California Proposition 65 standards and found that most of the brands tested profoundly exceeded California’s [ continue reading → ]

Lentils are a plant-based protein robust in fiber, folic acid + potassium to support cardiac and digestive health. As a beloved member of the legume family, they are just as versatile as beans!

Around the start of the new year cleansing and detox are buzz words that abound. But all too often the super attractive “10 day detox regimens,” don’t actually target the organs of elimination. Unfortunately, the term detox has also become synonymous with a restrictive diet or a way to reactively rebound from a bit of [ continue reading → ]

Intermittent fasting 101 I recommend two types of fasting depending on a woman’s age + stage of life. time-restricted eating: eating during a 8-12 hour food window [taking a 12-16 fast from food] caloric restriction: a 24 hour fast where minimal calories are consumed time-restricted eating I recommend time-restricted eating for every woman who comes [ continue reading → ]

If you’re like me, you’re feeling more compelled [than maybe ever] to make each and every gift you buy this year incredibly intentional, noting the gift itself might just have to be an alias for time with those you love. Instead of falling prey to decision fatigue, feast your eyes on the hand-picked gifts below. [ continue reading → ]

What is your working definition of balance? Here’s what mine used to be: perfectly upholding all tasks within rigidly defined structure. And here’s what my new, evolving and life giving definition is: surrender within aligned structure You often hear me say… structure breeds freedom. In many ways it does! But balance is rooted in the [ continue reading → ]

The holidays offer up an annual invitation to lean into the art of consistent recalibration. While it’s unrealistic to expect the holidays will un-complicate themselves, there are tactful ways to approach the holidays with tools in “your back pocket” tailored to the navigation of all the “extras” that come along with this time of year. [ continue reading → ]