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Happy spring! As a celebration of new life, transitioning from winter to spring, I’ve stitched together a compilation for you of my favorite spring things! what I’m writing: the art of adaptogens. If you’ve been feeling a bit stretched lately this journal has your name all over it.  Not only will you learn how to [ continue reading → ]

hey you! step on up to the breakfast table for a tasty, indulgent-yet-nourishing recipe. if you’ve been searching for a go-to weekend recipe to nourish you without being… boring look no further. enter protein packed // flavor forward // perfectly paired with your favorite pj’s cuddly banana pancakes!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I’m channeling my inner Cupid as I whisk some gorgeous “love dust” truffles straight to your kitchen. While we certainly don’t need a Valentine’s day to celebrate chocolate, I’m leveraging it to introduce you to something even more exciting: maca. Maca might just be The Mama of adaptogenic support [ continue reading → ]

If the word “immunity” hasn’t crossed your mind more than a dozen times today, I’m deeply impressed. As an integrative dietitian trained in functional medicine, I look at this time of targeted attention on the immune system from two angles: on the lifestyle architecture front, it is a time to strip away the unnecessary, both [ continue reading → ]

Treat yourself to the gift of these gems that are incredibly delicious and won’t curb your celebrating with any extra sugar.  What more could you ask for? They are brimming with a rich, cozy molasses flavor and trimmed with all the warm spices of the season to perfectly highlight your holiday.  Yum! Cheers to nourishing [ continue reading → ]

While I cringe contributing to the “noise” surrounding the holidays, I know I appreciate it when a beautifully curated gift guide from someone I trust is handed over to me. So I’m sweeping in to pamper you with the same. Below is a very short but simple reflection of what I’ve been loving this year [ continue reading → ]

Let the colors, flavors and robust nutrients of this salad soiree you into a space of nourished abundance. Not only is it the perfect illustration of fall’s bounty, it is the perfect canvas to “recycle” leftover protein from any Holiday meal. Allow yourself to relish in abundance as you savor space to pause and ground [ continue reading → ]

prepare yourselves!  after months of on again off again testing I finally perfected the simply nourished snickerdoodle cookie.  I’m so stinking excited and literally am dancing in my kitchen right now.

When it comes to stress and fatigue we are swimming in “quick fix” solutions. Specialty chocolates, coffees, teas, baked goods and energy bars abound. Most will give a lovely boost but rarely will they address the root of the stress response. The most targeted way to address longterm unrelenting stress and fatigue is by nurturing [ continue reading → ]