• 3 simple upgrades for 2023 • 

With each new year, I feel a wave of motivation to seek out more grounded energy, laser focus, deep confidence, and monk-like mindfulness.

With the focus on the add, some of the jittery, bloated, and sluggish feelings [often associated with our winter months] will begin to dissipate.

Follow along as I share with you what to consider weaving into the tapestry of your day to upgrade your mind, belly, and spirit.

All 3 simple swaps are designed to help you live your most authentically beautiful life.


Ditch this: kicking off the day scrolling through social media. Exposure to so much information “yelling” at you from your screen can be abrasive to the nervous system

Switch to this: consider starting off your day instead with 10 minutes of silence allowing your brain to “metabolize” what’s coming up and then make your bed to set a tone of simple rhythm and routine for the day.


Ditch this: a fast paced meal [especially lunch – in an effort to get back to your desk] often leads to bloating, an upset stomach, and brain fog.

Switch to this: consider going out on an afternoon walk while you sip on green tea. The tea’s antioxidants will work to protect your body from inflammation while the walk will regulate blood sugar associated with stress and refined carb consumption.


Ditch this: abrupt transitions from one thing to the next. A trained manic mindset can lead to burnout and increase anxiety levels.

Switch to this: instead, consider making transitions from one task or meeting or obligation to the next an invitation to take a 2 minute time out. Stretch, meditation, pop outside or sip on tea. This is also a chance to check in with yourself and identify needs unmet.

There is no perfect “recipe” for a day of balance but I’m confident these 3 switches will collectively and synergistically contribute to a day of more grounded energy and less frantic frenzy.

I’m so proud of you for putting in the effort to live a life reflective of your power in this world.

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