34 lessons for 34

Today I completed my 34th adventure around the sun. And with each year-long transit, I collect so many gorgeous gems of wisdom catalyzed by beauty, longing, pain and so much deep joy. Because you are a loyal follower, friend, colleague, or client I can’t help but bubble over into your inbox so that you can tuck a few of my gems in your back pocket too as you navigate this swirly twirly world.

Having lost my beloved dog Lucca, begun my PhD, delved into the deep throes of Vedic Mediation and competed in my first biathlon I can say with confidence that I’ve held more space for newness amidst doubt and radiance amidst rupture.

This year I have categorized my discoveries into brilliance, books, beats and bites.

Start where you feel most drawn:

Brilliance [I stumbled upon in my wanderings]: 

  1. lead with bravery; follow with delight
  2. my new definition of surrender: trust in the divine energy of chaos
  3. grounded-ness: it builds my capacity for greatness
  4. bragging: a new way of relating that involves reveling in my own radiance – inspiring other to take bold action
  5. curiosity: is the most powerful catalyst I have for compassion [especially with myself]
  6. what I do on my ordinary days informs the magic of my extraordinary days
  7. deep questions: are the most powerful way to get better outcomes
  8. seek mentorship: information is free – wisdom is priceless
  9. metabolize life daily in stillness
  10. allow what I feel to feel BIG [unapologetically]
  11. allow my scars to catalyze creativity
  12. soften into the surge
  13. pursue excellence methodically [without urgency]
  14. marry the mystery
  15. growth: hard choice up front makes life easier in the long term
  16. dissolution into “goop” is required for transformation [into a butterfly]
  17. rupture comes before radiance
  18. what does it look like to emanate [instead of effort] my way through life?
  19. care: is my greatest currency. I spend it generously, cultivate it endlessly and allow it to seep into every aspect of what I do, who I am and how I live my life
  20. and above all… when in doubt? puppy snuggles

Books [I devoured in my free time]:

  1. The Creative Act: A Way of Being
  2. Pussy: A reclamation
  3. Lighter: Let go of the past and connect with the present
  4. The Untethered Soul
  5. From Strength to Strength

Beats [I continue to dance to in the moonlight]:

  1. Hypnotized
  2. Gold
  3. Earth
  4. When you’re lonely
  5. Signals

Bites [I savor on the daily]:

  1. ChocZero peppermint bark
  2. B-tox electrolyte water
  3. Dang Coconut Chips
  4. Urban Remedy Superfood Cookie

Wherever you are in your transits around the sun, my advice would be: go easy and stay sweet.

Lead with curiosity and allow.

There’s plenty of time to make changes and elevate, though it’s essential to keep in the present (to the best of your ability) and trust.

I’m so proud of you and so grateful to have you in my community on a mission to elevate our very best selves.



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