4 signs your gut is out of balance

1. your skin is acting out

Whether you’re seeing an uptick in acne, eczema, psoriasis or _______ [fill in the blank with skin issue d’jour], the nutrient content of what you eat as well as how much of it is being absorbed by your gut is reflected in the appearance of your skin. Happy gut = lustrous glow.




2. you’re just stuck in “grumpy mode”

Feeling gloomy for no reason can be a warning sign your gut is imbalanced. Why?
Your gut bacteria are in charge of making the neurotransmitters you need in order to have a balanced mood, stress response and more. Up to 95% of serotonin [your feel-good hormone] is produced in your gut!



3. you’re not feeling… regular

If you’ve never been regular or your “normal” schedule is out of whack, it’s time to take a peek at what’s going on. Releasing toxins through stool is a critical component to wellness.




4. you’re feeling puff with no purpose [esp. around the waistline]

If weight retention [esp. around the waistline] is your most prominent wellness concern, go no further than the gut. It turns out our metabolic rate does not decline between the age of 20-60. Instead hormone balance, inflammation, food choices and stress levels have a much bigger impact ALL of which are mediated by gut health. So before you jump into one more diet promising yourself “this time it will be different,” consider approaching your weight from a completely different [and much more impactful] angle.



Because the gut is the alchemist of wellness…

I’m dedicating the next 3 months to teaching you how to optimize your gut!

Life is too short to bemoan adult acne, perma-grump mode, chronic constipation, and weight gain that came out of nowhere.

And while all of this [specifically weight] is not a reflection of your worth, feeling aligned with your body from cell to soul enables you to live out your fullest definition of worth in this world.

Apply now to become a member of The Table.

Our time dedicated to gut health begins October 18th.

To your gut,


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