6 ways to mindfully navigate the holidays [with a bit more ease]

The holidays offer up an annual invitation to lean into the art of consistent recalibration. While it’s unrealistic to expect the holidays will un-complicate themselves, there are tactful ways to approach the holidays with tools in “your back pocket” tailored to the navigation of all the “extras” that come along with this time of year.

step out into the sunshine [often!] throughout the day: not only does this recalibrate your circadian rhythym, it also resets your visual landscape which has the capacity to also reset your levels of anxiety. Two minutes is all it takes to have a tangible impact on all of the above.

drink tea before coffee: while it’s tempting to make a little nudge of energy from caffeine be the first thing that hits your lips in the morning, notice how grounded and calm you feel when you reach for a cup of tea first. Not only are you taking the pressure off of the coffee wake your body up [and you’re leaning on your own adrenal health to kick in] but you are also benefiting from the herbs you chose which will only complement later consumption of tea. My favorite tea to enjoy before coffee is green tea.

open up your food window with a protein + fat forward meal: not only will a protein + fat forward meal anchor your blood sugar, it will also nurture you in a meaningful way ensuring that you don’t go into the next meal slightly voracious. You know your meal is sufficient if it tides you over for 4 full hours. One of my favorite go-to holiday season breakfasts is: 1 avocado + 2 eggs + olive oil served over greens.

take 10 min of silence: with silence comes perspective, clarity and nervous system nourishment. Think of silence like an elixir of vitality. When you go into with no agenda other than to check you, you’ll come out with gems of wisdom you can take with you into the day.

mocktails between cocktails: when we attend holiday parties back to back, it’s easy to build your tolerance to cocktails back to back. Fight to hydrate between your cocktails. In doing so, you’ll drink less and you’ll feel better tomorrow having given your liver the chance to keep up!

eat with gusto [not guilt]: before we dig into the details on how to fill your plate, consider first paying attention to how to eat. Food is meant to be fully enjoyed. Once you have filled your plate, sit for just a moment to take in everything: the smells, the sights, the sounds and prepare yourself to zestfully dine on whatever you have chosen. We eat with more than our taste buds. If you slow down and take a moment to savor the array of color you design on your plate [almost as though it is art on a canvas] you will remember so much more than feeling like turkey stuffing post meal. Feel the textures. Let your taste buds come alive. Let yourself go “OOOH my goodness this is so good.” Holiday dishes are made with love from friends and family. By choosing to indulge in these foods with intentionally you will indulge in far more than the food alone. The experience itself is worth savoring.

Now off you go- savor, celebrate, and BE nourished!

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