certainty vs. curiosity

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about what it looks like to live with more creativity and less certainty. It’s a topic I think about quite a bit.

And here’s what I’ve identified: to survive we label things so that they fit into a box.

But over time, we then live in whatever box of certainty we build for ourselves.

As I work to understand this phenomena, I’m starting to see more clearly [and feel more intimately] that life unfolds on a spectrum.

We are a melange of things.

The ultimate question I keep coming back to is this: can it be both and?

Curiosity [not certainty] holds space for complexity around how I understand myself but certainty informs how I show up [especially when things get scary].

As I sit with this paradox I’m seeing the ingredient that makes certainty less life-giving is rigidity.

And the more I release the rigidity, the more I feel I can truly embrace the complexity.

I’m also holding space for awareness and staying with the discovery process assimilating and discharging what’s necessary and unnecessary.

What I’m loving most is that this process is bringing forth so much newness in my life.

New perspectives

New identities.

And new—found confidence in myself.

If you too are leaning into this process of tip-toeing into more fluidity and less rigidity, my encouragement is simply to notice.

Yes, just remain curious and name what’s coming up.

Then consider this invaluable information as you craft a vision for what’s still to come.

Go easy and stay sweet.

Lead with curiosity and allow.

There’s plenty of time to make changes and elevate. Let urgency fall by the wayside. Lean into the tenderness of the now.

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