[favorite things] celebrate spring

Happy spring!

As a celebration of new life, transitioning from winter to spring, I’ve stitched together a compilation for you of my favorite spring things!

what I’m writing: the art of adaptogens. If you’ve been feeling a bit stretched lately this journal has your name all over it.  Not only will you learn how to leverage the power of herbal medicine but you’ll also fall in love with a family of herbs that come to your rescue when you crave calm. I’m taking a deep dive into the architecture of calm starting april 26 with my tribe of Table goddesses. Join the waitlist HERE.


What I’m teaching: Break up with your 2 pm slump [for good]. You heard me! If you’ve been held captive by a daily “date” with full fledged fatigue, making it feel like you’re s.t.u.c.k in low battery mode, I see you and I’ve got some very approachable ways to break free and find sweet abundant life-giving energy when the world needs you most. Tune in HERE


Younger You is brilliant. Yes, I am going to write a book some day and I feel so deeply inspired by how this one was written. Dr. Fitzgerald marries science with simplicity and teaches you in such an elegant way how to leverage the medicinal qualities of that marriage… forever. My favorite chapter? The Younger You Lifestyle Prescription. 


What I’m savoring: Lean in close. I have a [scandalous] wellness secret for you: you don’t have to cook all meals from scratch to experience deep vital wellness. Now more companies than ever cater to you, the fierce #ladyboss on a mission to be her best in this world and when it comes to contagious energy, plants matter. Enter, a meal delivery company I’ve been loving lately: sakara. I can’t help but love their emphasis on color, plants, fiber and real food.

What I’m simplifying: I often feel inundated with so many things I want to read #allatonce. Instapaper to the rescue! I save what I want to read for later and then once I read it I log it away in a folder. Geeky tip, I have my instapaper linked to readwise so that everything I highlight is spoon-fed back to me everyday in snippets, reinforcing what I learned through repetition.  

What I’m cooking: While I’ve been leaning quite a bit on Sakara as of late, I sure do love my original Simply Nourished artichoke egg bites and have a few batches frozen for an in a pinch breakfast or snack. Recipe HERE. They showcase spring’s bounty and one of my favorite proteins: eggs. I recorded a podcast about why I love eggs so much HERE

The Table: Reignite Resilient Energy begins April 26 – join the waitlist 

With spring, energy and life abounds and if you happen to feel like you are stuck in a rut of fatigue, anxiety and insomnia it’s time to get you back in sync with what your body needs most to thrive. Join the waitlist for Q2 of The Table dedicated to sweet abundant energy. What’s included? Spoon-fed habits, resilient lifestyle architecture, and contagious joy. Click HERE to join the waitlist.

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