holiday gift guide 2021

While I cringe contributing to the “noise” surrounding the holidays, I know I appreciate it when a beautifully curated gift guide from someone I trust is handed over to me. So I’m sweeping in to pamper you with the same.

Below is a very short but simple reflection of what I’ve been loving this year and there is one common theme: nurtured adaptation.

You will soon find out every category is “garnished” with the central theme of how to support your body’s capacity to adapt to the daily stressors of life with nurturing foods, fitness, and of course targeted adaptogenic herbs!

Most everyone on my gift list this year will appreciate nurtured adaptation [or maybe you’re just seeing MY personal wish list – in which case – sorry not sorry! Now you know what to get me 😂.]


bala bangles: I’m obsessed with these gorgeous weights you can wear [as you would any accessory] on your ankles or wrists. It’s no secret that I advocate for strength training for women on. the. daily. Why? Because you get so much bang for your buck both hormonally and metabolically. I personally have a rotation of VIM pilates, 044 method barre and yoga. I feel more functionally fit than I maybe have ever before and that’s saying something having been a collegiate athlete. Hello abs [finally!] I pop these bala ankle weights on and feel like a rockstar upping the ante of the workout just a bit. Sometimes I regret it in the moment but am always so proud of myself at the end of the workout having worn 2 extra pounds on my legs during abs. Whew!


vibrance: transitions in season beg for a recalibration in rhythm and routine. And truthfully? I haven’t yet figured out [until now] how to support my myself and you [my tribe] as we collectively approach transition with grace and ease. Having spent the last few months mulling this over with my sister [pilates Goddess] Ann, we went to work on stitching together a 2 week at home [at your own pace] recalibration with workouts, daily rooted habits and a set of abundant recipes that are designed to recalibrate your routine. Our deep desire? Your vibrance from cell to soul.



Loco Love Chocolates: my sweetheart gave me this bougie box of chocolates and I may or may not have DIED and gone to HEAVEN. Your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head when you read the ingredients. Some have ashwgandha, others ginseng! Some even have lion’s mane. If this all sounds like gibberish, completely understandable and this may not be the box of chocolates for you. But if this is striking a chord, treat yo’ self [or your sweetheart] to a box [+ a few other goodies – because well it’s free shipping over $50] and report back. You’re going to freak out. I did.


Kencko: prepare your eyeballs. I’ve only been preaching about eating color, eating fiber and eating diverse vegetables and fruits for the last 10 years and it’s as though the gods at Kencko heard me and came to my rescue. Enter a diversity of colorful drinks tailored to all I could dream for my belly and yours. Each drink is a different color [#gasp] showcasing a robust diversity of fibers + colors [polyphenols] from fruits + vegetables you probably don’t eat on the daily. Ok fine I also eat their gumdrops on the daily too. I mean, how could I not? They’re my “medicine.” 😂



kinto travel tumbler: with cool weather here to stay for the next few months, I’ll be back to drinking tea on repeat. But having been introduced to this beauty, I’ll now be drinking my tea out of this sleek beauty. I ride my bike to work and [as you may know] am hard to pin down so having a tumbler that can keep up with me is a feat. This one has been put to the test and has not let me down either. Tea-a-holics unite!

Wellflower: Welp! I just found possibly the most beautiful approach to showcasing adaptogens I have yet to find. Adapto-wut? Yes, adaptogens. They happen to be compounds [mostly found in herbs] that support the body under stress. Not that any of you are feeling stress but JIC [maybe with the holidays on the horizon] you might just want one or a few of them on hand to sprinkle [or dump] in your smoothies, yogurts, and bevvies of choice. Cheers!



moleskine project planner PRO: this has to be the 3rd planner idea I’ve sent you and 3rd time IS the charm. Moleskin came out with this one just last year and it’s their best yet. I’m a Moleskin groupie as any enneagram 1 might be. But this one channels all my copious lists and ideas into a beautiful one. stop. shop. Plan away!

The art of simple living: Shunmyu Masuno has outdone himself with this book of palatable snippets dedicated to your capacity to experience joyful zen. I read 2-3 of these a day and am already dreading the book being over. Nuff said.



Your Presence: While it’s so tempting to believe that a generous gift has a lot of $$ behind it, turns out, the most precious gift you can give everyone on your gift list is your presence. It is priceless. So with every holiday party, every obligation, every ___________, remember that you are a source of deep wealth when you show up from cell to soul.

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