[our ultimate + intentional gift guide] holiday 2020

If you’re like me, decision fatigue when it comes to gifts is real [especially while online shopping]. Search no more. I’ve got you covered.

My team and I put our heads together and compiled our very favorite food and lifestyle design products that help you weave ritual and rhythm into life.

Let the descriptions below give you some context for how purposeful each gift can be. Who knows! You might just need a treat yo’ self moment once you see what we’ve picked out for you!

Gifts <$50

  1. bees wrapyou’ve heard me talk about the perils of plastic often so what better way to kick it to the curb with some sustainable bees wrap that loves you back.
  2. loose leaf tea infuser – turns out tea is medicine and when you can infuse it, you amplify it’s strength. This infuser takes the mess out of the medicine.
  3. honey pot – This is just too cute. Take my love for honey and pair it with my favorite cookware company and just like that it’s tea time!
  4. porter glass water bottle – I used to lose my water bottle everywhere I went but now that I workout at home, I treated myself to this gem and I’ll never go back.
  5. golden coil [customizable] planner – take my love for beautiful planners, give me the capacity to personalize it, and I’m one happy woman. This might just be the perfect gift for that “planning patty” in your life!
  6. native nectar [from crested butte CO!] bougie bath salts – I never used to be a bather but I’m a recent convert and these salts have sealed the deal.

Gifts $50-$150

  1. SleepScore – we all have those “dolphins” in our lives that would love to be able to capture more ZZZZZs and track their trends. Look no further. This little gadget does it all without you having to wear anything.
  2. Daily Harvest gift set the definition of pampered for me is high quality food whipped up on demand and waiting for me in the fridge. Daily Harvest doesn’t sacrifice quality in the name of convenience. This is a perfect pampered moment for a friend.
  3. Varley sherpa pullover – sherpa is the new black. Give yourself a hug daily with this number.
  4. phone sanitizer + charger -the one gadget that gets the most exposure to #allallthethings is our phone. So why not do some double duty by recharging it and sanitzing it at the same time?
  5. Zella joggers – if you’re wondering where I am on the weekends, you’ll find me in these!
  6. Always Pan – if you’re looking for a clean pan with no teflon in sight, look no further. The always pan has arrived.

gifts $150>

  1. Oura ring true confessions, I sold my apple watch. I was always looking at it. Yet I wanted the sleep, heart rate variability and activity tracking. Enter the ouraring. I’m in lurve.  
  2. Heart Math- stress reduction device –  if you’ve ever felt stressed by not knowing what to do to relieve stress, this is for you. Heart Math how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythm.
  3. lu lu lemon wonder puff jacket – why are puffy jackets so addictive? Maybe it’s a Colorado thing but I seemingly can never have enough. My mantra: there is no such thing as bad weather just bad equipment!
  4. red light therapy for collagen production truth bomb: collagen production declines rapidly as we age. Enter targeted support to keep collagen production going strong. The benefits of red light therapy abound but collagen production is top of the list.
  5. living composter – if you’ve ever wanted to get into composting but the mess of it all deterred you, no more excuses. This composter is for you.
  6. EnvyPillow anti-aging pillow + pillowcase – speaking of aging, turns out the way we sleep can have a huge impact on the collagen infrastructure of our face. The solution? Easy. It’s the EnvyPillow.

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