my favorite things: intentional holiday gifts

All year long the Simply Nourished elves are hard at work scouring the world for the most meaningful, intentional and inspiring gifts. We’ve cultivated a collection of some of our favorite health inspiring gifts that you can feel good about giving.

Give the gift of good sleep with this luxurious silk pillow case. This little-known beauty secret can protect hair and skin by reducing the friction caused by cotton sheets, and it’s smooth surface is cool and relaxing inspiring a restful night sleep.




We’ve got a bit of a sleep theme going, but these adorable blue light glasses from Free People give the gift of beauty AND beauty sleep. Blue light from smart phones, tablets, tv’s and computers can interfere with sleep, but these glasses can block blue light in the most fashionable way possible.




We are as passionate about clean beauty products as we are about clean eating and Fitglow Beauty’s mascara and liner kit uses plant proteins boost lash growth, while adding volume and length.




Sherpa jackets are all the rage this season and they are just perfect for running to yoga or the gym or wearing with jeans and cute sneakers. Atheleta is a brand you can feel good about buying from.  Being a Certified B Corp means that they artfully balance their profit with the effect their business has on the environment and the people they market to. Athleta is committed to improving the environment with sustainable fibers, and reducing waste and water consumption during their manufacturing.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Four Sigmatic known for their health promoting mushroom blends has combined a decadent dark chocolate with their powerful mushroom blend for the ultimate sweet treat.




While the holidays should be a time of gratitude and reflection, they can also be a time of incredible stress. These Mindfulness Cards may be the perfect gift to help bring a sense of happiness and joy to the busy season.

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