my favorite things: simple self-care

I know you are always on the lookout for the latest greatest foods, products and tools that make self-care more accessible. We are TOO!

Instead of keeping our new discoveries to ourselves, my colleague in practice, Jen, and I put our heads together and compiled our top 6 latest & greatest ideas. Enjoy!

Stillness is the Key

This book…. I’m telling you… it has changed my life. Ryan Holiday has done such a tremendous job of giving very tangible advice that feels approachable as it pertains to savoring stillness. Even though stillness is medicinal [from cell to soul], it is slowly becoming extinct making it even more important to gather tools to capture moments of stillness.

Oatly Barista Blend

Have you been seeing oat milk everywhere lately? Me too! And it’s no wonder. Rich, creamy and chalk full of B vitamins, oat milk is perfect for smoothies and now Oatly has a barista blend that’s perfect for your morning latte or cappuccino if you’re playing around with dairy free alternatives.


Siggis dairy-free Yogurt

Another newcomer to the world of dairy alternatives is Siggi’s new coconut milk yogurt. Siggi’s has long been one of my favorite yogurts due to its low sugar content and great taste, but they’ve really upped their yogurt game. Many plant-based yogurts are lacking in the protein we normally see with traditional dairy yogurts but Siggi’s has added pea protein to their yogurt giving it a whopping 10 grams per serving.

Shower Steamers

You know how we preach the art of self-care here at Simply Nourished, but even for us, finding time to rest and relax can be hard with our busy schedules. Enter these shower steamers, which can turn your shower into a dreamy steam room. The steam from your shower gets them fizzing to release therapeutic aromatherapy scents. As an added bonus you can also use them as a gentle exfoliator.

Foursigmatic Mushroom Matcha

Foursigmatic has been making the health promoting properties of mushrooms available to your everyday rituals and their matcha latte with Lion’s Mane mushrooms is one of my favorites. Matcha is a wonderful adaptogen made from green tea and it’s loaded with antioxidents. Lion’s mane is well known for its magnificent ability to promote mental clarity, focus, memory and overall cognitive function all while optimizing nervous system health. This latte has become one of my favorites for when I need a pick me up. Blending it with oat milk happens to also be a perfect pairing.

This is by far my new favorite app. Created by scientists, this app plays music that actually helps your brain. It has four different settings, focus, relax, sleep and meditate. It’s been a game changer for me in helping focus to get projects done and the sleep mode helps lull me into a deep slumber. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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