our favorite things: april 2020

Now that fewer errands to the store and stay at home workouts are my new norm, I’ve integrated a few rituals into my life that embellish my joy, wellnes and relaxation.

Below I’ve curated a list of 6 things you can do to nourish, relax, and thrive with some fun new foods // gadgets.

Cado – if you are wondering what to reach for when you need a creamy sweet treat look no further. Ice cream made out of avocados. You heard me! And the best news yet is that they are also lower in sugar. I recommend this as an upgraded ice cream to my clients on the daily.


Winter Session Masks – when it comes to masks I go with simple. But this company has also made it their simple mission to support those on the front line. For every mask you buy they create one for a healthcare provider. And they have beautiful design to boot. I love my sage colored mask!


Maya Kaimal Everyday Dal – when it comes to stockable foods Maya Kaimal is always in my pantry as they have created the art of a simple dal. It’s a shortcut I make when all I have time for is veg prep. I throw this in a saucepan and paired with veg I have a complete meal.


Miroco Milk Frother – my clients often ask me what kitchen gadget I use the most and they are shocked to find out it is my milk frother. I use it at least 5 times a day to make tea lattes, matcha lattes and coffee lattes. It steams and warms my nut milk beautifully making me feel pampered from dawn to dusk.


Urban Moonshine Bitters – spring beckons us to support our digestive system and bitters happen to be the best way to do so multiple times throughout the day. They are what their name implies… bitter herbs that trigger the release of digestive enzymes which are both cleansing and supportive to optimal digestion. I use bitters before each and every meal. Sometimes I add them to sparkling water to create a fun pre-dinner mocktail.


Olipop – when a cocktail is not on the menu for the evening, I reach for an Olipop. Not only do they boast prebiotic fiber but their flavor is second to none. I happen to feel like a little kid again when I reach for my strawberry vanilla pop. Oh and how cute is that branding?

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