[our favorite things] august 2021

With the smell of fall in the air, here are a few of my favorite things prepping me for the season ahead.

There is no theme other than tools to help me capture joy in the structure of my daily habits. When I treat myself to simple things that make me feel special throughout the day, I feel like I’m elevating the “art” of living. And to that effect I feel so proud.

Take a peek and remember that you too are incredibly special and while it doesn’t have to be something material to make you feel as such, don’t forget to weave special things into your life daily that elevate your habits to their most meaningful height!

porter smoothie bowl jar: I don’t do smoothies. There. I said it! For whatever reason when I sip something and call it a meal, I never feel full. My solution? The smoothie B O W L ! ! ! It’s a smoothie with all the right things made thicker and a little somethin’ somethin’ on top to munch on. And because I’m sipping from the smoothie bowl kool aide every. single. day. as of late, I need a leakproof vehicle to take it with me to my office don’t I? You bet. Enter the porter sealable bowl. It’s been my go-to and hasn’t failed me yet [leakage or otherwise!] If you’re a smoothie bowl princess like me, you might just find this is all it takes to make you feel like royalty.


aunt fannies cleaning supplies: with school back in session, I’m noticing all the cleaning products back out in full swing. And while I know I’m not the most up to date on all the latest and greatest, I pride myself on sticking to the basics and keeping the chemical burden in the house at bay. And so in case you were wondering, yes indeed… I use vinegar. But thanks to Aunt Fannies, my vinegar products now smell… sorta GOOD! I use their entire line [including their pest remedies] and haven’t been let down [nor have my adorable little hormones that aren’t being bombarded by chemicals to keep things clean!] You’re welcome little guys!


kinto travel tumbler: with cool weather on the horizon, I’ll be back to drinking tea on repeat. But having been introduced to this beauty, I’ll now be drinking my tea out of this sleek beauty. I ride my bike to work and [as you may know] am hard to pin down so having a tumbler that can keep up with me is a feat. This one has been put to the test and has not let me down either. Tea-a-holics unite!




good clean food cookbook: I am always in need of good inspiration for meals. And with a new season on the horizon, I need a cookbook that doesn’t overwhelm me. Thank heavens, I stumbled upon this beauty. It’s simple, plant forward and just a good jumping off place for new recipe ideas I have! I tend to add a few extra extras just to give it my own personal spin but the basic ideas have planted seeds of approachable [efficient] inspiration in my kitchen!



moleskine project planner PRO: this has to be the 3rd planner idea I’ve sent you and 3rd time IS the charm. Moleskin came out with this one just last year and it’s their best yet. I’m a Moleskin groupie as any enneagram 1 might be. But this one channels all my copious lists and ideas into a beautiful one. stop. shop. Plan away!




Kawecko pencil: while I would never cheat on my fine-tipped pens, I finally found them a “mate.” The weight, feel, glide, and shape of this pencil has me doing back flips. I feel like an OG goddess as I whip out my pencil to jot down inspiration in my moleskin on the daily. If you’re like me and pen [or pencil] to paper is how you capture the day’s musings, this pencil from Germany might just be your new “pet.” Pro tip: grab it on amazon if you can!

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