our favorite things: fall 2020 edition

It’s officially fall and I feel a newfound sense of energy.

Is it the color?

The fresh air?

Or maybe it’s just change. It’s refreshing at a soul level. And as I feel refreshed I can’t help but share some of my favorite reads, resources and products that help me live my best life.

Go on, indulge in the season and playfully explore the options below at your leisure!

Primally Pure gua sha stone – I’m going to be honest with you, when I heard the term Gua Sha I thought, what the…? Then of course, as one does in 2020, I watched a few online tutorials from THE experts and thought… what the heck, I’m a sucker for all things skin related so let’s give it a go. Ask me when I’m 80 if this was a skin changing tool [as I’m told it is] but here’s what I DO know to be true… performing Gua Sha at night is an invitation to myself to slow down. It calms me in a way that feels pretty addictive. And maybe I’m just telling myself this, but I do notice that I glow the following day and I would like to thank the lymph drainage support via Gua Sha. If you need no more than a slow down ritual, this is your new thing.

vanilla protein powder [plant based // mushroom infused] – I’m so over most protein powders. They are either way too chalky, way too sweet, or have way too many additives that make me think I’m doing something amazing for my body but actually I’m just adding more NOISE to my smoothies. Enter a lovely simple yet medicinal plant-based protein powder that tastes better than I’d expect based on how dang clean it is. BTW they have other flavors too. I started with vanilla but may switch to the unflavored next just for variety sake.


almond cow – yes, I bought a cow ok? Thank heavens it doesn’t need any more space than my cabinet. But considering I drink nut milks like they are going out of style, having an almond cow on hand has saved me so much money! Clean nut milks are expensive. So making my own 2+ times per week is both easy but also super gratifying because it’s way creamier.




think like a monk – I often think more like a monkEY. 🐒 So needless to say this book speaks to me. Learning simple ways to transition a monkey mind to a monk mind and mindset is serving me so beautifully in this transition in seasons where I often feel scattered and in need of deep grounding.




VIM movement – I have completely transitioned to working out from home. And secretly I love it. No commute time. No sweaty studios that make me feel on edge [wondering how thoroughly they clean] and a flexible schedule that I get to design on my terms. I’m trying my very best to do more strength training too which is why VIM movement plays a big role. It’s pilates [either live or in a recorded library] that keeps me accountable to my strength training by kicking my buns in as little as 20 minutes. Humbling is the word. And yes the instructor is the me of the fitness world. She’s also my sister. If you’ve never done pilates before you can try a month free using the code “teaser-month”.


brass pen – I’m a pen snob. There. I said it. And yes if you’ve seen me in person, you know I adore the adorable Le Pen, I put the colorful Stabilos to the TEST with all the drawings and sketches I do for clients; but when it comes to journaling? I found a pen that lights my world on fire. It has a fine tip, a smooth application and an ergonomic feel that makes my journaling sessions [and yes list making] a pampered “pen-sation.”

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