[our favorite things] february 2021

February – it’s the shortest [but seemingly longest] month of the year. Am I right? It’s not spring. But we’re over winter.

Below is a compilation of playful ideas to inspire you to stick with your routine without falling prey to the “draw” of the winter blues.

bala bangles – you guys. I’m obsessed with these gorgeous weights you can wear [as you would any accessory] on your ankles or wrists. It’s no secret that I advocate for strength training for women on. the. daily. Why? Because you get so much bang for your buck both hormonally and metabolically. I personally have a rotation of VIM pilates, 044 method barre and yoga. I feel more functionally fit than I maybe have ever before and that’s saying something having been a collegiate athlete. Hello abs [finally!] I pop these bala ankle weights on and feel like a rockstar upping the ante of the workout just a bit. Sometimes I regret it in the moment but am always so proud of myself at the end of the workout having worn 2 extra pounds on my legs during abs. Whew!

VIM pilates – speaking of workouts – enter VIM. I’m going to unashamedly preach the fact that 2 sessions a week has changed my body and my regimen all for the better. I’m never going back. And yes – it’s taught by my gorgeous sister Ann Flanigan who is the ME of fitness. ’nuff said. If you want to sweat beside me, join for a month on her using the could “nourished-month” to taste-test how pilates can complement your workout regimen!




rishi tea – speaking of upping the ante, Rishi has upped the ante on my tea game. Remember when I instagrammed about drinking green tea before your coffee? Yes I’m sure you do my loyal follower. But in case you didn’t, click HERE to tune in. This green tea has fully elevated my experience and has me coming back for all their flavors. Oh and incredible branding to boot. #suckerforgoodbranding




love grown pumpkin cashew granola – while we’re on the topic of breakfast, I may or may not have found the new smoothie topper to beat all smoothie toppers. Here’s my secret, I struggle with just sipping a smoothie and feeling full. So often I’ll pop some nuts // nut granola // or CLEAN granola on top for the crunch factor. Welp, this little guy is the cleanest granola in town. Don’t believe me? Just check on the ingredients. WOW.



Stabilo point 88 fineliner pen – oh my sweet Le Pen, I promise I’m not having an affair with Stabilo but, sometimes I need some versatility in my fine pen collection when I’m writing up notes for clients 8 hours a day. And it turns out that this workhorse of a pen not only lasts forever but has my client’s notes looking fabulous. Are you rolling your eyes that I could geek out so hard on a pen? Probably not because you love pens as much as I do. From one old soul to another [who will forever cherish pen to paper], trust me and take the Stabilo for a SPIN!


loco love chocolate – my sweetheart gave me this bougie box of chocolates and I may or may not have DIED and gone to HEAVEN. Your eyeballs are going to pop out of your head when you read the ingredients. Some have ashwgandha, others ginseng! Some even have lion’s mane. If this all sounds like gibberish, completely understandable and this may not be the box of chocolates for you. But if this is striking a chord, treat yo’ self [or your sweetheart] to a box [+ a few other goodies – because well it’s free shipping over $50] and report back. You’re going to freak out. I did.

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