[our favorite things]: January 2021

With the New Year comes new inspiration paired with new intentions.

My inspiration as of late has been around the metric… JOY.

This is a huge shift for me as I’m so used to being a “performance pony” hinging my metric upon production and results. But, I’m playfully exploring the world of unstructured joyful endeavors. I’m a work in progress but I continue to fight for it and of course my favorite things this month are a reflection of doing just that.

I hope a few strike your fancy and bring you joy as well!


bougie diffuser: looks alone had me sold on this diffuser. But it turns out, it works too! I’m working on building a “theme” to the rooms in my house and this diffuser is in the room with the theme “serene.” I don’t have to do anything else but open it up and pop a few drops on the stone to whisk myself into a space of serenity.




whisk without worry: speaking of whisking [and kitchen whisks that is]… if you’re looking for one that you don’t have to spend forever digging the dough out of and you don’t have to worry about it scratching your pans, you’ve arrived. This whisk truly whisks away worry and saves you time. Master meal planner and my fellow dietitian in practice Emily, can’t say enough about it.




the art of simple living: Shunmyu Masuno has outdone himself with this book of palatable snippets dedicated to your capacity to experience joyful zen. I read 2-3 of these a day and am already dreading the book being over. Nuff said.




copper water bottle: while I wish the simple art of waking up to water brought me intense joy, I dutifully do it [and teach it] because I know how good it makes me feel as the day unfolds. With this new metric of JOY I’m fighting for, I’ve decided to follow the Ayurvedic advice of containing my morning water in copper. Not only do I now get my daily dose of this life giving mineral [incredible for skin health BTW] but I LOVE the way it makes my water taste. So now waking up to water is both medicinal and joyful because it breeds life and beauty!


buxom blossom lips: speaking of beauty. Let’s talk about lips for a hot second. They take a beating in the winter don’t they? Ilia Beauty makes a mean [and clean] makeup line, but their lip products take it to a new level. No more looking like a corpse on zoom. Can I get an amen?




sun and swell bites: here in Denver, I feel far from the beach. But sun and swell takes my snack game “to the shores” by pairing 3-5 [unbelievably] clean ingredients together in such a playful way that I feel a hint of sunshine. Droll snacks be gone!

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