[our favorite things] july 2021

With summer in full swing it is such a treat to collect some of the things that have been bringing me joy, peace and sanity amidst the whimsical nature of less structure and more play. While I don’t have have any magic wands for simplifying the intricacies of #adulting, I can’t help but share some of the little things that keep my stress “bugs” in check so that I can capture meaningful memories on the daily.

Go on! Dig in.

moon lists: so it turns out I’m recommending far less self-care and far MORE reflection. #gasp You heard me! And here’s why…. self-care isn’t as medicinal if we don’t understand what our needs are and how to meet them. A bath will feel downright dutiful if it’s not out a deep need [spurred by reflection] for water, heat and submersion. Enter… moon lists. A lovely book hinged around weekly journaling prompts. It’s a go to for self-reflection and contemplation.



Kin Euphorics: who doesn’t love a quick little adaptogenic spritz? Mocktails are all the rage these days with all the post pandemic liver detoxes but most are filled with sugar. Not Kin! Enter a tonic that tastes like a mixer but is filled to the brim with herbs that mitigate stress at the source.




Varley bike shorts: ok ok. I admit it! I’m fully sipping from the bike shorts kool-aide. I swore up. and. down. I would never wear bike shorts and here I am loving them. #whoops. I figure if I’m going to break my own promise to myself, I might as well break it in a way I’m proud of [or at least that’s what I’m telling myself]. And it turns out Varley is my clothing obsession. Their fabrics are so phenomenally designed to last and look so prim and polished in both my active lifestyle and my professional day to day interactions. Ready to be a bike short lemming with me? Thought so.


must love ice cream: summer calls begs for ice cream. And I must answer. But not at the sacrifice of keeping my sugar cravings in check. When I eat traditional ice cream, ALL I crave is well, more ice cream [and sugar]. But when I eat clean[er] sparkly ice cream like this? I can walk away feeling satisfied. Try it for yourself!




wave block: another lemming move I’ve made lately [and yes I’m only 10 years behind the times] is to get some AirPods. I know I know! You are laughing at my snail-like delay but I’ve been really anxious about the impact they have on my brain with the intensity of EMFs. I still don’t wear them all the time but having an EMF tracker on hand [yep I’m that nerdy!] I’ve been able to see tangibly that wave block mitigates the output of EMFs beautifully. So next time you see me walk n’ talking [my favorite way to coordinate ALL meetings], you can applaud my low[er] EMF high tech self.


bug bite thing: turns out I can’t take credit for this one at all as this was a discovery of my colleague in practice Emily! But thank heavens she introduced me to it because it has saved my buns as I spend most weekends prancing around in the mountains along rivers and lakes where bugs abound. The bug bite thing “sucks” the venom out keeping the itch at bay. It doesn’t work 100% of the time but for the 82.4% of the times it does? Pure magic. Now if only we could convince mosquitoes to keep their little nose to themselves!

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