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As social distancing + stay at home orders become the new norm it’s completely  to feel overwhelmed by how many decisions you are facing daily to navigate [and define] your daily routines + rituals.

So sit back…take a deep breath of fresh air and “zen out” because we’re spotlighting a few simple things that have embellished our lives amidst the storm.

Below we’ve curated a list of 6 things you can do to nourish, relax, and thrive during these uncertain times. Tried true and tested.

Breathe: You know us well enough by now to know that we’re pretty obsessed with creating healthy gut microbiomes. Better Air is an air purifier unit that hinges upon the creation of a healthy indoor microbiome by mimicking the natural outdoor ecology. Instead of removing everything from the air as most air purifiers do, Better Air actually releases probiotics into the air. Seeing as most immune invasion is spread through touch, Better Air’s release probiotics coats all surrounding surfaces providing a comprehensive solution to protect our indoor environment. Impressive! I [Ellie] just set mine up in my kitchen and I’m resting assured that my body is being given a better probiotic-infused shot at defending itself.

Upgrade your morning pancake breakfast with Birch Benders pancakes. We’ve been loving the paleo version with healthy ingredients like cassava, coconut and almond flour. 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber turn your favorite sweet breakfast into a healthy meal. Top with fresh berries, your favorite yogurt or maybe even weave in a sprinkle of chocolate chips to get that dopamine boost!



Speaking of chocolate… turn game night into an indulgent family night of fun with Navitas Cacao Latte Mix. With MCT powder for energy and focus and a hint of coconut sugar for sweetness you’ll nourish your soul and your body.




Indulge your inner child and artistic whim with adult paint by numbers. From stunning landscapes to gorgeous florals you’ll relax and de-stress while unleashing your creative side.




It should come as no surprise that Insight Timer is on our list again, but  there is no better time than now to meditate. One of our favorite mindfulness and meditation experts Tara Brach, has a beautiful guided meditation for navigating this pandemic with loving kindness compassion and calm. And Jean Vitrano has a collection of meditations we simply put on repeat.


A good book is one of our favorite escapes and I [Jen] just started Why We Can’t Sleep. Author Ada Calhoun takes a deep dive into the lives of Gen X women, and our issues with overwhelm, divorce, career, money and the woes of mid-life. While only a few pages in I can say that I already feel heard and connected to the women who share their story. I look forward to reading a few pages every night as I relax before bed. It also turns out sleep is the number one antidote to immune invasion. It happens to be free too!

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