[our favorite things] may 2021

Do you ever have that moment where you can actually “smell“ summer? Yep, me too.

I’ve been smelling it on the horizon lately and can’t help but send you a few of my favorite things in deep anticipation of outdoor barbecues, time at the pool, and of course the playful sexiness that comes with the summer sun in and of itself!

Go on!

Make a little splish splash by clicking the links below to see the WHY behind the love.

homestead bread – it’s no secret that I openly discourage refined bread products! Why? Because they hijack the brain in a number of ways leaving us stuffed but starved. When I find a bread product that I can stand behind however, I shout it from the hilltops. This is a that bread! It is made in Charlottesville, Virginia by a baker who is super cognizant of quality and has created a product I only dream of baking. The ingredients are simple and once toasted this GF sourdough becomes the ultimate “canvas” for avocado toast or whatever you please. After diligently pestering him to ship his product, he kindly complied and gets orders from me monthly. Who’s his next devotee?


lotus pops – is it just me or do warmer nights call for popcorn and movies? But if you’re battling inflammation and trying to decrease your consumption of refined corn I don’t want you to feel stranded. Enter, lotus pops! Not only do these little crunchy salty doodads do the trick for me but they happen to be good enough to pair with a movie but not addictive enough to create the “if you give a mouse a cookie effect.” I have the variety pack on subscription from Amazon and it somehow does the trick for me whenever I need that salty crunchy snack.


a dozen cousins beans – when I need a super quick grab and go lunch or dinner I need staples on hand to assemble in five minutes or less. Oh I know you do too! My favorite go-to five minute stitchable meal is pan fried cauliflower rice, these incredibly scrumptious beans, salsa, avocado and whatever leftover protein I have on hand. I warm it all up and give it a good stir in a big bougie bowl and I feel like I’ve hit the energy jackpot every. single. time. Go on! It’s your turn to win the lottery.



dry shampoo – dang bangs! Why do you have to be so gross and sweaty when the weather warms up? I love the polished look bangs give but tend to resent them the days that are warmer and I’m riding my bike furiously to my office in time for my first session of the day! That was… until I found… Primarily Pure dry shampoo. Whether you have bangs or not this dry shampoo is my ultimate fave. And yes, I’ve tried them all!



article one sunglasses – we all know the sickening crunch sound when we step on our sunglasses or accidentally sit on them. I happen to know that sounds all too well since I tend to somehow be even clumsier with my nicer sunglasses. Despite my inherent clumsiness, I finally broke down and treated myself to a pair of these beauties and so far so good on keeping them safe and sound. I am uber protective of them because they happen to check all the boxes in terms of pairing athletics with aesthetics. I tend to go hard and go fast and I need my sunglasses to keep up with me! These do!


AllumierMD clear shield sunscreen – I’ve gotten pretty picky ok insanely picky about what I put on my face these days and it turns out I’ve searched literally to the end of the world to find a company I can stand behind that’s both clinically sound but isn’t going to affect my hormones [and endocrinology] with sneaky chemicals. I found it! [I mean… NBD] Not only is this sunscreen incredibly clean it’s beyond potent [hello spf 42] giving the protection I need as I playfully spend time in the sun doing what I love. Since I prefer not to look like I’m 90 tomorrow I protect on repeat with this elixir of the goddesses.

Because this is a clinical grade skin care company, you must login through my “clinic” to purchase and then search for clear shield in the search bar to find this particular sunscreen.

Stay tuned- I’m teaching a class on skin care from the inside out and also giving you my secret sauce for the glow many of you have been commenting on [which of course makes me beam because this didn’t just come naturally to me]. But for now? Protect, protect, and protect some more [without having to detox on the other side].

To your shimmery summer glow,


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