our favorite things: october 2020

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in #allthethings and forget to hone in on what it is you truly need to be your best self each day. In my deep aspiration to stay grounded, show up for my clients and show up for MYSELF, I cultivated a list of my favorite things from this past month that I’ve been using for a while and can’t help but showcase for you to put to the test in YOUR journey to be your best self.

morning meditation – I’m just going to go ahead and admit it… it’s taken me years to convince myself that a morning mediation is worth my time. I would go through one to maybe 3 day stints [embarrassing, I know!] before I’d throw in the towel. What I kept waiting for was this epic zen-induced aha moment of enlightenment. Spoiler alert… meditation doesn’t work like that. It’s a practice. And as such it requires consistency to see consistency [in the zen department that is]. What changed the game for me though was a mediation that really resonated with me. And I finally found it. So now I can’t help but share. I kid you not – I turn this little app on every morning WHILE in bed – headphones in to keep the hubby happy, and away I go, building my bridge from bed to taking the world by storm. Try it on for size.

varley sweatshirt – I’m obsessed with cozy. But not cheap cozy. Cozy that lasts. Varley has my number. A friend gave me a Varley jacket a while back and I may or may not have “hibernated” in it for a week straight. So I went ahead and treated myself to another “flavor” of Varley and have been obsessed ever since.




old pine candle company – It turns out candles can be full of gunk [technical term BTW]. They can off-gas so many chemicals and synthetic components that do the body no good despite our best intentions to induce soulful self-care. Skip the gunk and go with the goods by investing in a candle that has nothing but botanical ingredients paired with clean burning wicks and wax. This adorable company comes out of Evergreen Colorado to boot. I’m on their subscription membership at this present moment thanks to my morning meditation situation [see exhibit A above].


calm the chaos diary – Just like meditation, I need structure and some prompts. This journal is all that and more since it gives daily prompts for journaling that do a gorgeous job of calming the chaos [great title]. If you are looking into getting into a journaling habit, look no further. Putting pen to paper is precious in this day and age.




switchel – Waking up to some good ol’ fashioned apple cider vinegar [ACV] is something I teach my clients to do all. the. time. The pushback I get? Taste. Enter switchel. It combines ACV with honey and cinnamon to cultivate a more well rounded flavor profile welcoming you into a consistent new morning ritual. Add 1-3 tsp to some warm water and just like that you’ll kickstart that digestive enzyme production [and possibly a BM too!]



“zoodle” bake + cassava flour rolls – Snow is officially on the ground here in Colorado inviting me into my favorite pastime… baking. This “zoodle” bake has cozy written all over it and according to my obsession with cozy [see exhibits B and C above], I’m baking this on repeat. Paired with fluffy cassava rolls, this combo is sure to calm your cravings while also nourishing your body. [If you would prefer to buy rolls to save time, consider O’Dough’s brand OR any grain-free alternative with only recognizable ingredients.] Yes, this is how I cook. And this is exactly what I teach in my foundational and master classes. I’d LOVE to see your zucchini bake pictures after you make it so post a picture and tag us! Find [and print] the recipe HERE

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