[our favorite things] october 2021

As I sit here in my cozy sherpa with a mug of chai tea, I’m compiling all the things I’ve been loving lately that make me feel all shades of grounded and peaceful.

Don’t you dare worry, your next edition of “Ellie’s favorite things” will be the. ultimate. gift guide but for now? Treat YO’ self to something special before you start your holiday list for others.

here’s a lineup of what I’ve been loving lately:

How Your Story Sets You Free: this adorably tiny [just my favorite size book] packs a punch. I used to be so shy about sharing my story. In fact, I was embarrassed by so many facets of it. But as I continually build the confidence and courage to make my story the central cog to being able to help you where you need me most, I found this book simply delightful. Heather and Julian are masterful in navigating you through the funny, rocky, delicate, and sometimes scary terrain of sharing yourself boldly, humbly, and unapologetically. Your story and your truth matter—honor your journey and it will set you free.


Lanolips: I might be 10 years old at heart and still dream of my smackers lip balm. I felt so pretty when I would prep to hang with pals and pop that sucker on. Fast forward 20 years and here I am still carrying my “adult smackers” with me everywhere I go except this one isn’t filled with chemically derived fragrances and… [who knows what else]. Go on! You can be a 10 year old at heart too with your lanolips in your pocket for just the right moment when you want to pop it on to impress your friends with how “sophisticated” you are. [💄].


Kencko: prepare your eyeballs. I’ve only been preaching about eating color, eating fiber and eating diverse vegetables and fruits for the last 10 years and it’s as though the gods at Kencko heard me and came to my rescue. Enter a diversity of colorful drinks tailored to all I could dream for my belly and yours. Each drink is a different color [#gasp] showcasing a robust diversity of fibers + colors [polyphenols] from fruits + vegetables you probably don’t eat on the daily. Ok fine I also eat their gumdrops on the daily too. I mean, how could I not? They’re my “medicine.” 😂


Wellflower: Whelp! I just found possibly the most beautiful approach to showcasing adaptogens I have yet to find. Adapto-wut? Yes, adaptogens. They happen to be compounds [mostly found in herbs] that support the body under stress. Not that any of you are feeling stress but JIC [maybe with the holidays on the horizon] you might just want one or a few of them on hand to sprinkle dump in your smoothies, yogurts, and bevvies of choice. Cheers!

Further Foods Dream Bundle Collagen peptides: I’m always on the lookout for new sourcing for collagen that’s clean, simple and affordable. I found another one! Enter the dream bundle from Further Foods. If you’re like me and you are all about throwing collagen into anything and everything, you’ll simply love what a [clean!] punch of flavor both give to baked goods, smoothies and your yogurt parfaits. Between the chocolate and the vanilla and your capacity to be creative with both you’ll turn the dream bundle into the dream team!

Pulp Chips: when you think of pulp what comes to mind? If the image of your compost bin just popped up, I’m with you sister. Anytime I’ve had pulp from juicing, creating nut milk or _______________ [insert health nut kitchen adventure], I feel bad not having a plan for the pulp. Enter… pulp chips! This company devoted themselves to making chips out of all things vegetable pulp meaning yes my #vegetablewomen, it’s possible to have your chips and your veg too! I’m knee deep into the salt n’ vinegar variety as we speak. Catch up!

vibrance: transitions in season beg for a recalibration in rhythm and routine. And truthfully? I haven’t yet figured out [until now] how to support my myself and you [my tribe] as we collectively approach transition with grace and ease. Having spent the last few months mulling this over with my sister [pilates Goddess] Ann, we went to work on stitching together a 2 week at home [at your own pace] recalibration with workouts, daily rooted habits and a set of abundant recipes that are designed to recalibrate your routine. Our deep desire? Your vibrance from cell to soul.

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