our favorite things: summer self-care

I don’t know about you, but this sun we’re starting to see pop out is doing me some good on a soul level. And as I spend more time out in the sun playing, I’ve been gathering a few of my favorite things I use regularly. I look at time outside as form of simple self care.

Whether your self-care is simple, radical or somewhere in-between, I hope that you are healthy, safe and extending yourself the grace you might need now.

Do Less by Kate Northrup – The title says it all… this is a book for working women and mothers who are ready to release the culturally inherited belief that their worth is equal to their productivity and instead create a personal and professional life that’s based on presence, meaning, and joy. I devoured this book and am relishing some of the gems I gleaned from the brilliant Kate Northrup.



MVN fitness sliders – if you’re like me, you’re building your at home workout routine and these sliders have contributed a challenging addendum to my routine that I adore. There are exercises printed on them but there are even more available online that I find engaging and transformative. Let’s just say I feel my abs for DAYZZ after using these gems.



Porter to go containers – I’m such a sucker for beautiful reusable containers and Porter has my number. I originally found the water bottle at Anthropologie and then went down the Porter “rabbit hole” only to discover that everything Porter makes is unbelievably well made and the perfect excuse for me to ditch plastic in my house. I bought the ceramic bundle and use everything in it a few times a week [at least]. BUH BYE plastic.



Coola sunscreen – now that the sun is out and it’s officially summer, I’m spending more time in the sun. Naturally! But I am more cognizant than ever about my skin care and this sunscreen has me wrapped around it’s little finger. With not a chemical in sight, this sunscreen applies beautifully [without making me look pasty white and… well zinc-y].




Picnic basket– raise your hand if picnics are now “a thing” for you with takeout as the hot commodity. What better way to celebrate a picnic though than with a classy picnic basket? I bought this basket last year and get compliments on it each and every time I use it. And let’s be re, picnics are memorable, grounding and oh so playful in all the best ways. Treat yo’ self to a picnic with a beautiful basket in tow.



Base Coat Nail Polish – I am proud to announce that I learned how to paint my nails during quarantine. And I’ll tell you what… I’m not a huge fan of chemicals in my nail polish. But Base Coat isn’t either so the nail polish I used exclusively and will continue to use [now that I know how to do it myself!] is Base Coat. The staying power? AMAZING. And let’s face it, I feel so pretty and pampered with painted nails. Now it’s your turn!

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