our favorite things: the summer edition

Summer is finally [FINALLY] here and it feels like it. Hot days followed by those easy summer evenings amenable to late night walks and soirees [with up to 5 socially distant friends of course].

As we savor these sweet summer days, I’ve stitched together a list of some of my favorite things [I know how much you love these].

Below are a collection of things I’m listening to, reading, using on the daily and of course eating [you know me too well by now not to expect a few delicacies!]

A few of the items listed are gems we will be exploring in further detail in the upcoming session of my online membership The Table. The next 3 months are devoted to striking hormone balance. “Ain’t nobody got time for mood swings, PMS and low libido,” It’s summer after all!

lion’s mane coffee: Lion’s mane is a mushroom known for its magnificent ability to promote mental clarity, focus, memory and overall cognitive function – all while optimizing nervous system health. Instead of eating it consider drinking it paired with your coffee. Talk about 2 birds, one stone. Lion’s mane is most efficacious in the morning. Enjoy 1-2 servings of any of the linked options between 6 am – 2 pm.



microgreens: Did you know it is SO good for your brain to see something grow that you planted? I look at this as a perfect opportunity to grow food. Duh! Enter… microgreens! And it turns out it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Why microgreens? Oh they happen to be a much more concentrated source of vitamins and minerals than their adult counterparts. Every bite is an energizing multivitamin. Let’s cut a few corners though and use a kit. I consistently have a batch of microgreens on my counter and I clip them for smoopthies, salads and more. I can’t get enough.


collagen water: oftentimes in the summers I’m so busy I forget to drink water or eat protein. Oh, you’re in the same boat? Ok phew. So one antidote for both are collagen waters I now buy at costco. #amen. They are free from any added sugar and they actually taste good [especially over ice with a shot of…. just kidding]. Cheers!



milk and honey deodorant: if you’re like me, you’ve shied away from natural deoderants because they actually do the opposite, they MAKE you stink. Well, Milk and Honey is changing the script on this one with their incredibly clean [no ick chemicals] deodorant that smells SO good and has me stink free for the day [even with angsty days of lots of filming and all the things]. Oh and I just have to say this because they deserve a shout out on this one… incredible branding. ’nuff said.


Brene Drown + Glennon Doyle podcast: if you haven’t read Glennon Doyle’s new book Untamed yet, this one is a must. I may or may not have listened to it 3 times and I may or may not have felt like Glennon Doyle was my new bff by the end of it. She’s so relatable and so… raw. I loved it. I think you will too!




flackers: these little crackers make the consumption of flaxseed easy breezy beautiful. I use these for almost all of my outdoor charcuterie party soirees and they always get massive complements [from non-foodies alike]. Turns out flax seeds pack a HUGE punch of therapy since they boast both fiber and lignans. Lignans are phytonutrients excellent for balancing estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen balance [in relationship to testosterone and progesterone of course] is the name of the game.


We will be exploring estrogen balance in depth in the upcoming session of the Table starting July 14. Curious? Click HERE.

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