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As I sit here in my cozy sherpa with a mug of chai tea, I’m compiling all the things I’ve been loving lately that make me feel all shades of grounded and peaceful. Don’t you dare worry, your next edition of “Ellie’s favorite things” will be the. ultimate. gift guide but for now? Treat YO’ [ continue reading → ]

Cookies for breakfast?  And they are pumpkin spice?  Be still my autumnal heart. With these breakfast cookies, you can delight in harvesting a feeling of abundance and joy without any extra sugar. Imagine yourself strolling through a pumpkin patch on a crisp fall morning as you snuggle up under a warm blanket with a cup [ continue reading → ]

While color is fading above the ground, do not despair! Simply take a peek beneath the dirt. What you’ll find is that color abounds…. in roots! And it turns out roots host some of the most grounding + healing carbohydrates to the body making it worth every minute of your time to consolidate a few [ continue reading → ]

With the smell of fall in the air, here are a few of my favorite things prepping me for the season ahead. There is no theme other than tools to help me capture joy in the structure of my daily habits. When I treat myself to simple things that make me feel special throughout the [ continue reading → ]

It’s peak zucchini season again! An indulgent twist on a summer staple, my chocolate chip zucchini muffins combine dreamy dark chocolate, zesty sea salt, and an entire zucchini. Go on! What are you waiting for! Dive into allll the ooey-gooey goodness and prance away knowing you didn’t just punch your ticket to the blood sugar [ continue reading → ]

Try this indulgent yet nutritious zucchini “noodle” bake!⠀ Paired with fluffy cassava rolls, this combo is sure to calm your cravings while also nourishing your body. [If you would prefer to buy them to save time, consider O’Dough’s brand OR any grain-free alternative with only recognizable ingredients.]⠀ Yes, this is how I cook. And this [ continue reading → ]

With summer in full swing it is such a treat to collect some of the things that have been bringing me joy, peace and sanity amidst the whimsical nature of less structure and more play. While I don’t have have any magic wands for simplifying the intricacies of #adulting, I can’t help but share some [ continue reading → ]

Slide into summer with my herban sliders + spring citrus salad! Both the meat-full and meat-free versions of the sliders are out of this world, and the tahini yogurt dressing drizzled overtop is one of my favorite go-to’s when I am pressed for time. If you have any extra fennel fronds, consider reserving them to [ continue reading → ]

Snap into spring and sail into summer with this culinary illustration of spring bounty. The combination of crunchy snap peas with zesty citrus, sweet berries and of course the refreshing herbs dance together to create a salad that will keep you make you feel both satiated and pampered all at once. Consider whipping this together [ continue reading → ]