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February – it’s the shortest [but seemingly longest] month of the year. Am I right? It’s not spring. But we’re over winter. Below is a compilation of playful ideas to inspire you to stick with your routine without falling prey to the “draw” of the winter blues. bala bangles – you guys. I’m obsessed with [ continue reading → ]

Just because Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday” doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the spontaneous invitation to whip up something playful [and pink] in our kitchens, especially something as beautiful as this “tickle me pink parfait.” Oh you just saw the picture above? Yep #eyecandy. Go on. Make it! I dare you! Bonus points: make [ continue reading → ]

With the New Year comes new inspiration paired with new intentions. My inspiration as of late has been around the metric… JOY. This is a huge shift for me as I’m so used to being a “performance pony” hinging my metric upon production and results. But, I’m playfully exploring the world of unstructured joyful endeavors. [ continue reading → ]

Whether you are a bonafide chef, or you just simply “stitch” things together like I do, this bowl is for YOU. Why? Because you’re a #ladyboss. And on your mission to make this world a better place, you yourself need to be nourished along the way. It’s what you’d expect these days of a bougie [ continue reading → ]

It’s true. The Holidays represent a time of excess. Especially when it comes to sugar! But instead of falling prey to all the sugar, level up your treats by making a batch of these gems. Pop them in your freezer and just like that you’ve leveled up your treat game, nourishing your body along the [ continue reading → ]

If you’re like me, decision fatigue when it comes to gifts is real [especially while online shopping]. Search no more. I’ve got you covered. My team and I put our heads together and compiled our very favorite food and lifestyle design products that help you weave ritual and rhythm into life. Let the descriptions below [ continue reading → ]

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in #allthethings and forget to hone in on what it is you truly need to be your best self each day. In my deep aspiration to stay grounded, show up for my clients and show up for MYSELF, I cultivated a list of my favorite things from this [ continue reading → ]

Squash and pumpkin get all the clout in the fall, but can we all agree that carrot is a strong contender? Delight in the flavors of autumn with my devourable carrot cake muffins as you cozy up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and your favorite novel. They also make a wonderful [ continue reading → ]