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Article highlights: what is metabolic health how to measure metabolic health 3 key factors that impact metabolic health metabolic health takeaways [estimated read time: 8 minutes] WHAT IS METABOLIC HEALTH: Metabolic health is a foundational element of wellness because it encompasses the set of mechanisms that generate energy from our food and environment to power [ continue reading → ]

1. your skin is acting out Whether you’re seeing an uptick in acne, eczema, psoriasis or _______ [fill in the blank with skin issue d’jour], the nutrient content of what you eat as well as how much of it is being absorbed by your gut is reflected in the appearance of your skin. Happy gut [ continue reading → ]

We’ve all seen kimchi before, but let’s be honest. How many of us have actually tried it? This staple of Korean dishes is actually a wealth of probiotic cultures which can do wonders for digestion and raising our immune function. Kimchi can be made with all different types of vegetables but the seasonings and fermentation [ continue reading → ]

While bananas have their own set of heroic qualities on the plate, the unripe, green-tipped banana is truly the fruits’ superhero alter ego. So what makes green-tipped bananas the Wonder Woman to the overripe banana’s Diana Prince? Resistant starch. Not all starch is created equal. Most starch that we eat gets digested in the GI [ continue reading → ]

By now you have likely heard of probiotics. Whether you’ve enjoyed cultured food or popped a few encapsulated probiotics, the marketing around their benefits abounds. But it’s time you met the healing “gifts” your bacteria gives back once they eat fibers from plants you intentionally choose to put on your plate. You’ll be delighted [and [ continue reading → ]

Because inflammation is such a broad term used for anything from a scrape on the knee to rheumatoid arthritis, it can sound daunting and inescapable. And yes! To some extent, inflammation is a dangerous necessity. Here’s what you need to know: inflammation is step 1 in the body’s healing process designed to resolve an acute [ continue reading → ]

Happy spring! As a celebration of new life, transitioning from winter to spring, I’ve stitched together a compilation for you of my favorite spring things! what I’m writing: the art of adaptogens. If you’ve been feeling a bit stretched lately this journal has your name all over it.  Not only will you learn how to [ continue reading → ]