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Treat yourself to the gift of these gems that are incredibly delicious and won’t curb your celebrating with any extra sugar.  What more could you ask for? They are brimming with a rich, cozy molasses flavor and trimmed with all the warm spices of the season to perfectly highlight your holiday.  Yum! Cheers to nourishing [ continue reading → ]

While I cringe contributing to the “noise” surrounding the holidays, I know I appreciate it when a beautifully curated gift guide from someone I trust is handed over to me. So I’m sweeping in to pamper you with the same. Below is a very short but simple reflection of what I’ve been loving this year [ continue reading → ]

Let the colors, flavors and robust nutrients of this salad soiree you into a space of nourished abundance. Not only is it the perfect illustration of fall’s bounty, it is the perfect canvas to “recycle” leftover protein from any Holiday meal. Allow yourself to relish in abundance as you savor space to pause and ground [ continue reading → ]

prepare yourselves!  after months of on again off again testing I finally perfected the simply nourished snickerdoodle cookie.  I’m so stinking excited and literally am dancing in my kitchen right now.

When it comes to stress and fatigue we are swimming in “quick fix” solutions. Specialty chocolates, coffees, teas, baked goods and energy bars abound. Most will give a lovely boost but rarely will they address the root of the stress response. The most targeted way to address longterm unrelenting stress and fatigue is by nurturing [ continue reading → ]

As I sit here in my cozy sherpa with a mug of chai tea, I’m compiling all the things I’ve been loving lately that make me feel all shades of grounded and peaceful. Don’t you dare worry, your next edition of “Ellie’s favorite things” will be the. ultimate. gift guide but for now? Treat YO’ [ continue reading → ]

Cookies for breakfast?  And they are pumpkin spice?  Be still my autumnal heart. With these breakfast cookies, you can delight in harvesting a feeling of abundance and joy without any extra sugar. Imagine yourself strolling through a pumpkin patch on a crisp fall morning as you snuggle up under a warm blanket with a cup [ continue reading → ]

While color is fading above the ground, do not despair! Simply take a peek beneath the dirt. What you’ll find is that color abounds…. in roots! And it turns out roots host some of the most grounding + healing carbohydrates to the body making it worth every minute of your time to consolidate a few [ continue reading → ]

With the smell of fall in the air, here are a few of my favorite things prepping me for the season ahead. There is no theme other than tools to help me capture joy in the structure of my daily habits. When I treat myself to simple things that make me feel special throughout the [ continue reading → ]

It’s peak zucchini season again! An indulgent twist on a summer staple, my chocolate chip zucchini muffins combine dreamy dark chocolate, zesty sea salt, and an entire zucchini. Go on! What are you waiting for! Dive into allll the ooey-gooey goodness and prance away knowing you didn’t just punch your ticket to the blood sugar [ continue reading → ]