tapping into the fluidity of femininity to find [true] balance

What is your working definition of balance?

Here’s what mine used to be: perfectly upholding all tasks within rigidly defined structure.

And here’s what my new, evolving and life giving definition is: surrender within aligned structure

You often hear me say… structure breeds freedom. In many ways it does!

But balance is rooted in the marriage between structure and fluidity.

Having worshiped structure at the expense of surrender for most of my life, I’m realizing the two are not mutually exclusive.

As humans we are designed to feel deeply enabling us to be receptive to the process of emanation through life instead of the “efforting” our way through

It’s not as linear process [or a defined outcome] which of course feels so scary. So…

What would it look like your day had just enough structure to contain the flow, the softness and the creativity?

The way I want you to envision this is analogous to a fish bowl: 

The habits you do most consistently provide the structure [i.e the glass container] and within it is wild messy water that can ebb and flow, splish and splash.

Within the wild ambiguity of the flow is abundant life.

Culturally, the more predictable qualities bent on doing are more highly esteemed.

But what I’m learning is this: the impact of the DO is accentuated tremendously by the information you glean by FEELING along the way. When the two are combined, well? It’s a state of balance unlike any other.

What does this balance look like in practice?

Maybe you wake up and go to bed at the same time. Maybe meals are [relatively] at the same time and consistent in what they give you.

But within this architecture what if you took that spontaneous walk to meet a friend?

Or what does it look like to pop into that beautiful little flower shop and grab yourself a posy for no specific occasion other than to celebrate your vibrant existence.

Or maybe, you find a park bench you’ve never thought to pause at and you let yourself just take 10 min to feel whatever you are meant to be feeling at that moment [no agenda!]

All of this fluidity fits beautifully within the structure of your day [if you allow yourself to tap out of robot mode and into flow mode].

I’m committed to it and challenge you to think about where you personally can pair your craving for structure with the capacity to sit within deeper wild, untamed and ecstatic yearnings [aligned with your essential self]. This pairing breeds a magic no rigid structure alone can fathom.

Cheers to a new definition of balance!

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